3 Landscape Materials to Consider for a Backyard Pool Renovation in Colts Neck, NJ

There is a stunningly vast array of landscape materials with which you can bring your dream backyard to life. Certain materials pair better with particular designs and can be chosen to contrast or complement the rest of the landscape. There are, therefore, various factors to consider when selecting materials for a remodel in Colts Neck, NJ. Simplify the process by turning to a supplier like LE-ED Concrete & Supply Co., with our impressive variety and unparalleled expertise.

Concrete Pavers

Concrete pavers can mimic many other materials, from bricks to natural stone. However, their true virtue lies in their durability. These dense units are unlikely to crack and can, therefore, be used for driveways, walkways and other areas that experience frequent foot traffic or support heavy loads. Unilock employs various innovative reinforcement techniques, such as Ultima Concrete Technology, which grants pavers up to four times the strength of poured concrete. Concrete pavers can also be made immune to the damage that water and chemicals can cause to other materials, making them well-suited to poolsides.

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Thornbury pavers, for example, are excellent candidates for poolsides. They have lightly textured surfaces that are both wonderful to look at and feel therapeutic beneath bare feet. Umbriano pavers are renowned for mimicking the luxurious beauty of real granite. Each paver bears a gradient of colors and is scattered with granite particles. These pavers are available in a broad range of neutral shades that can be nestled into any outdoor room, from the kitchen to the fireside.

Concrete Wall Units

Whether you’re building a water feature, fire pit or retaining wall, you can count on concrete wall units for a durable end-product. Unilock offers a versatile selection of concrete wall units to complement every home and hardscape. Rivercrest Wall, for example, emulates stacked flagstone and acts as a timeless accent to both rustic and modern landscapes. Unilock also offers distinctly contemporary wall units, such as Lineo Dimensional Stone, and classic varieties such as Estate Wall.

Natural Stone

Natural stone encompasses a range of quarried and collected materials, such as sandstone, limestone and fieldstone. These stones have a great range of practical applications, from paving to veneer, and never fail to boost the value of a property. Although natural stone is renowned for adding earthy, natural elements to hardscape designs, it is still incredibly versatile and has the ability to accentuate any aesthetic theme. While entire structures can be constructed using large stone units, existing brick and concrete structures can be clad in a thin layer of natural stone for a similar visual impact. These light stone sheets are referred to as veneer stone and are incredibly popular among landscapers and designers.

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3 Landscape Materials to Consider for a Backyard Pool Renovation in Colts Neck, NJ

Consider fieldstone for a stunning selection of different shapes, colors and sizes. These stones are collected from open fields and often bear unique chips and markings. It is, therefore, impossible to find two stones that look identical. Arranging a selection of flat fieldstone pieces in a complex pattern can create a veneer that is completely one of a kind. Unilock offers a tasteful selection of Sandstone and Limestone, which is sourced from Europe and Asia. While Limestone pairs excellently with chic, minimalist hardscapes, Unilock Sandstone is an excellent candidate for tropical poolsides and resort-like patios.

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