3 Multi-Level Patio Ideas for Backyard Landscaping in Manalapan, NJ

Defining different areas by creating levels is a popular strategy for modern backyard designs.  A multi-level design for a Manalapan, NJ, backyard would create a special sense of purpose for each area, whether it’s for a kitchen, a fire pit, a hot tub, or an open grassy space. Looking for some landscaping ideas? These concepts for a multi-level patio ideas will get you started on your next project.

A Multi-Level Lounge Area

3 Multi-Level Patio Ideas for Backyard Landscaping in Manalapan, NJ  

Having a large dedicated lounge space for the backyard is a must-have for homeowners who frequently entertain friends, family, or business acquaintances. Creating a relaxing space with a bar and separate seating area is a great way to add an air of formality to the space and make it feel authentic.

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Consider adding a wet bar area where the homeowner can mix up plenty of intricate cocktails, right by a separate lounge area that’s defined by a few steps. You can enclose the lounge area with retaining walls that double as casual seating, and add formal seating with patio furniture like an outdoor dining set or relaxed couches for a more informal feel. You could use Brussels Fullnose coping for your walls and steps to create a soft look that makes your wall more comfortable for casual seating.

The Hideaway Hot Tub

A hot tub that’s separate from the other landscape areas can create a whimsical space perfect for when homeowners looking to relax with privacy. Create a stepping stone pathway with a large paver like Thornbury that leads to this secluded hot tub area. For views of the surrounding landscape, the hot tub area could be raised a level above the main patio area—or a level below if the goal is to make it more low key. For extra privacy, you can even surround the hot tub area with shrubbery or medium-size evergreen trees to keep it hidden from prying eyes. Just make sure the hot tub isn’t too far away from the bar area!

Pretty Pond

A backyard pond is certain to add an air of elegance to any backyard design. Creating one a level below the main seating area will add endless interest to your design and turn it into a talking point for homeowners’ guests. Even a small pond a few yards away provides some natural beauty to any hardscape scene. Create a round pond bordered with smooth Fullnose edgers, and add an array of water lilies, water hyacinth, or even some fish.  Your pond could even be raised above ground level so that onlookers can get a better view of the natural water scene you’ve created. This will give the homeowner’s guests a reason to walk the grounds of your landscape and see the stately design you’ve created.

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Even something as simple as adding a few small steps in between spaces can help to add definition to any landscape. Creating different areas gives entertaining-minded homeowners places for their guests to mix and mingle. And this provides for a landscape design that’s a cut above the rest.

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