4 Different Styles of Stone Veneer for Your Berkeley Township, NJ Outdoor Project

Chances are you have seen stone on Berkeley Township, NJ, houses you admire, or on a neighbor’s fire pit, or even on the new outdoor bar your brother-in-law just had built, and your first thought was, “Wow! That is gorgeous!” Your second thought might have been, “I’ll bet that stone is expensive…” What you may have been looking at could actually be stone veneer. Keep reading to learn about the different styles of stone veneer and its uses for outdoor projects.

What Is Stone Veneer?

4 Different Styles of Stone Veneer for Your Berkeley Township, NJ Outdoor Project

Stone veneer involves relatively lightweight panels that have been molded from real stone to look authentic. Compared to traditional stone, veneer costs less for several reasons. Because it weighs less than real stone, the shipping costs less. Also, stone veneer does not require the same level of labor that natural stone does. No one has to slowly fit together the stones like a puzzle when you opt for stone veneer. And, finally, stone veneer can fit around curves, is designed to join with no visible seam, and can be applied over most any surface. Its applications are endless.

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Styles of Stone Veneer

Whatever you have in mind, there is a stone veneer to satisfy your specific taste. Let’s start with a more rustic stone like Eldorado Stone’s River Rock or Country Rubble, both of which will deliver the less precise and larger size appearance of natural stone. Or Crystal Creek by Pinnacle Stone has an old-world look.

If you lean toward modern, consider an elegant white or pale gray rectangular stone veneer in Marquee from Eldorado Stone with mortar-like seams that are close together. Or you could choose the arresting Vintage Ranch by Eldorado that presents the look of weathered wood. There are veneers that look identical to granite and even marble.

The classic stacked stone look comes in more variations than you can count. Ledgestone by StoneCraft has the uniform appearance of similar sized stacked stone, while Eldorado’s Bluffstone looks like a wall you might see in a field in Italy.

If you love traditional brick, there is a brick veneer stone by EP Henry to continue the established beauty of brick in four different colors. And, different stone veneer options can be combined, allowing you to design an application for your home that you won’t see anywhere else.

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Colors of Stone Veneer

Along with the diverse styles of veneer comes a broad range of colors. There are beautiful, authentic earth tones to complement exterior paint colors. Variations of gray keep a simple, uniform presentation for a home that has much architectural detail. Hues of tan work well with a home that has natural wood trim. No matter the colors of a home, there is a stone veneer color to bring out the best features and to highlight unique details.

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Where Can Stone Veneer Be Used?

Stone veneer can be used anywhere you want to use natural stone. It can be used on a focal wall for the exterior of your home, especially when accompanied by a spotlight for a stunning night landscape. Veneer is ideal for beefing up the base of columns to bring an up-to-date look to your porches. At times, outdoor kitchens can need a refresh, and veneer can be applied over wood or any other material to create fresh interest.

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