4 Ideas for Driveway Edging in Brick, NJ

Achieving a sturdy, aesthetically pleasing driveway is only half the job. The next step is to make sure driveway edging not only adds to the overall look of this hardscape fixture, but protects where the driveway begins and ends, no matter what material it’s constructed with. From rugged Belgian block stones to concrete pavers, we have a few ideas for your next driveway edging project in Brick, NJ:

Make a Bold Statement with Belgian Block

For heavy-duty protection, Belgian block stones are a fine choice. These reclaimed pieces of old granite cobblestone stand out aesthetically and offer full functionality. They work for asphalt and concrete paver driveways, and will hold a gravel driveway in place. Heavy-duty Belgian block stones are amenable to the weather, and don't accumulate stains due to water exposure. Using different sizes of Belgian block stones will create a random style that draws attention. Additionally, a driveway can be built from scratch using Belgian block stones. Retaining walls, wall caps, driveway surfaces, and driveway edging have all been constructed with this one sturdy material choice. Belgian blocks are ideal for adding a bold yet sophisticated edge to driveways and patios.

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Raised Edging for More Options

Driveways are well-protected with raised edging, as are lawns.  While it’s good to be knowledgeable about material options, our expert team at LE-ED Concrete & Supply Co. can help you assess which raised edging options would be best suited to your project. Visit our supply store and talk to one of our experienced professionals about which curb unit or natural stone slab would be best for the driveway design in question.  Raised edging creates a clear distinction between lawn and driveway and can act as a barrier for shallow flooding during heavy rainfall.

Unique Touches with Concrete Pavers

4 Ideas for Paving Stone Driveway Edging in Brick, NJ

As a border between driveways and lawns, concrete pavers offer a multitude of options. We offer brands like Unilock that feature a vast range of pavers for every need. You’ll be able to mix and match or keep a more uniformed look, depending on the design finish you’re going for. A Unilock Copthorne 3 Color Blend driveway, with Brussels Block border and soldier course Copthorne edging will add a traditional appeal to any Brick, NJ, property. Meanwhile, the Sable Blend color option of Unilock Mattoni pavers, edged with the Dark Charcoal color option, produces a clean, modern edge for a hardscape design.

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Stand Out with Double Course Borders

For your design to be truly effective, a single course border may not be quite enough, this is true whether it’s flat or raised. By creating a wider border, you can ensure that the accents aren't lost to the expanse of the driveway. This can be achieved by installing two or more courses of a chosen material along the edges of the driveway.  Double course borders, or even borders that feature three or more courses, offer a wider, bolder finish and can incorporate multiple paver styles and colors.  Additionally, each course presents the opportunity to incorporate a different paver laying pattern. Blend soldier courses with sailor courses, incorporate a double stretcher bond, or consider the classic triple course running bond border. 

Image courtesy of Unilock.