4 Ideas for Outlining a Driveway with Cobblestone Pavers in Colts Neck, NJ

The role of cobblestone pavers in the design of a modern driveway spreads beyond aesthetics. Cobblestone driveway pavers protect the edges from wearing, prolonging the driveway’s lifespan. Cobblestone outlining is especially necessary for asphalt driveways. The edges of an asphalt driveway are softer than concrete and can wear and tear faster than usual. Whether the driveway is made of concrete pavers, asphalt, gravel, or other material, cobblestone edges will improve the look and feel of the driveway. Here are some ideas for outlining a driveway with cobblestone pavers in Colts Neck, NJ:

Frame It with Double Borders

A double border will not only add definition to the driveway but help frame the adjacent yard. Driveway edging options come in a variety of styles and materials to boost curb appeal and bring the aesthetics of the home to the next level. Concrete pavers offer the most versatile color palette. At Le-Ed Concrete Concrete & Supply Co., we collaborate with the best brands in the industry, including EP Henry, Unilock, and Techo-Bloc. 

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Using concrete pavers for outlining a driveway will save you money and time, and you’ll be impressed at the level of practicality they offer. Installation is easy, quick, and affordable with skilled professionals from our team. Putting borders on both sides of the driveway will offer better protection and create a pleasing frame. 

Interesting Driveway Aprons 

4 Ideas for Outlining a Driveway with Cobblestone Pavers in Colts Neck, NJ  

Once the main border is set, the next matter to consider is the apron. The driveway apron is the section where the beginning of a private driveway connects to the public roadway. The opening of the driveway is the first welcome to visitors, so aprons are a must-have addition for a complete look. 

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Both gravel and asphalt driveway make good use of concrete pavers. Concrete cobblestone pavers come in different shapes and sizes for linking this crucial part of the driveway with the street, and offer a smoother appearance. Our team at Le-Ed concrete takes everything in consideration before creating aprons. It’s important to include the right colors and textures and achieve the level of aesthetics your overall home deserves. 

Colors and Textures for a Detailed Look 

When it comes to colors, concrete pavers agree with an abundance of tones and hues, accentuating powerful or subtle colors, toning them down, or complementing them. An asphalt driveway offers a recognizable, sophisticated, dark pigment that can be outlined with a lighter shade from the Unilock product collection. For example, the earthy Pebble Taupe by Courtstone makes a great option for adding warmth while Dawn Mist, also by Courtstone, presents a lighter, more neutral option. The standard size of Town Hall and its smooth texture will add character to an existing driveway and unify the home’s exterior. Cobbled pavers give that old-world charm that goes well with both modern and rustic landscape themes. Since pavers offer a range of textures and colors, it’s possible to create a unique design and a dynamic driveway appeal. 

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Connect Cobbled Outlining with Front Yard Walls

Make a connection between the walls of your front yard with other structures, such as your driveway, using cobblestone pavers. By adding creative borders to a curved driveway, you can link the aesthetics of the flooring with the walls of your front softscape to achieve a harmonious, blended look. It will also add more structure to your hardscape, especially if you have an asphalt or gravel driveway. 

Image courtesy of Unilock.