4 Tips for Adding Style with Stone Veneer to a Backyard in Brick

Stone veneer’s flexibility and light weight, along with the authentic beauty of natural stone that it can add to pre-existing structures, is what makes it so popular for landscaping projects in Brick, NJ. Whether natural or faux stone veneer, you get the beautiful texture, colors, and patterns of natural stone at a relatively low cost and with great ease of installation to boot.

For the exterior of the home

The exterior of a home is a highly visual part of a landscape, making it important to keep looking fresh and stylish. While painting it might seem an easy way out for homeowners, you can just as easily add an abundance of style using stone veneer on the walls. Compared to thicker stone slabs, stone veneer offers the appearance of natural stone at a fraction of the cost, and are much easier to install. The ease of cutting and shaping the pieces also makes it easy to create patterns on the walls of the home, making it stand out even more.

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Upgrade pillars

Whether the pillared footings of decks or pergolas, the end pillars of a low wall or retaining wall system, or stand-alone pillars that demarcate an outdoor area, stone veneer can add the same grace as natural stone with minimum hassle and lower cost. You can mix and match textures for patterns and banding, and choose between faux or natural stone to add some diversity to your design.

4 Tips for Adding Style with Stone Veneer to a Backyard in Brick NJ

Decorate boring walls

Vertical elements such as walls, low walls, retaining walls, and seating walls tend to have a commanding presence in a backyard. Concrete is a staple material for most walls in a landscape, offering affordability and unmatched strength. And once coupled with stone veneer, concrete walls are not only amazingly rugged, but also remarkably elegant. Pre-existing plastered concrete retaining walls can also be transformed with stone veneer, making them prime suspects for this type of makeover. Add natural stone coping or seating slabs on top of the wall, along with a stone veneer facade to make the entire ensemble more authentic. With stone veneer, you no longer need to compromise between style and functionality.

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Outdoor fire elements and outdoor kitchens

No backyard is quite complete without a fire element, whether it be a fire pit, fire table, or fireplace. Concrete, brick and mortar tend to be optimal materials for these structures, given their stability under heat. Moreover, they offer an excellent mounting surface for a stone veneer facade to give your design some subtle panache. Stacked stone veneer, in particular, tends to work wonderfully in this application.

With fire pits, consider using stone veneer with the look of thin slabs of stone. With more elaborate fireplaces, you can experiment with a wider range of shapes and textures. Outdoor kitchens are also prime suspects for the stone veneer treatment. Stone veneer can play the same role as tiles do in your indoor kitchens, giving your outdoor kitchen designs a more homely feel with backsplash areas and outfitted grill islands.

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