4 Types of Natural Stone Perfect for Your Landscape in NJ

4 Types of Natural Stone Perfect for Your Landscape in Lacey, NJ

Natural stone greatly enhances outdoor areas with its color, texture and dimension. Imagine your landscape made accessible with rustic, meandering flagstone walkways, or modern granite retaining walls giving your yard a sharp geometric structure. With a large selection of natural stone to choose from, natural stone can be used in residences, businesses and public landscaping in Lacey, NJ, with near unlimited options for a variety of outdoor projects. Here are some popular stones that are sure to make a huge impact on the aesthetics of your property:


Flagstone is ideal for building patios, walkways, water features or low walls with a rustic, country feel. This naturally flat rock provides a reliable surface, rich in texture and color gradients. The irregular, interesting shapes of flagstone slabs make it an excellent choice for creating hardscape surfaces rich in interesting detail and random patterning. When stacked to create vertical features, flagstone offers a high level of texture with a unique horizontal emphasis. The color of flagstone varies according to where it is quarried, but frequently features deep and earthy browns, blues and warm golds - sometimes even within the same slab.


Bluestone is a natural stone with a classic, often formal appearance. Don’t let the name confuse you—bluestone is not always blue, but available in a variety of colors, including grey, charcoal, earthy brown and green tones. The variety offered by bluestone makes it a versatile choice that will add elegance to any hardscaped area, particularly walkways, stairs, and pool patios.

Bluestone is extremely tough and resistant to freeze-thaw cycles, making it ideal for colder climates. This, coupled with its naturally attractive properties and its abundance along the East Coast has seen it being used for hundreds of years in places like Pennsylvania and New York. Bluestone is available in a number of shapes and sizes, from square and rectangular to more irregular shapes.


Granite’s greatest asset is its incredible hardness, owing to its crystalline structure. A high quartz content gives granite a natural sparkle, while deposits of feldspar give it its characteristic mottled look. Because of granite’s characteristic wear resistance, this kind of natural stone is ideal for flooring in heavy traffic areas and can be used in kitchen worktops or decorative features when polished. Its strong, utilitarian character has made granite a favorite for use in modern designs and landscapes where function and bold features take priority. Granite is most frequently available in shades of light grey to black, although rosy pinks and orange hues are not uncommon.


Limestone is a fine-textured stone that offers a luxurious, almost silky feel. It also provides the advantage of light colors that remain cool during the summer heat. This makes limestone an excellent choice for patios that receive exposure to the midday sun. Limestone has many textural options, and remains slip resistant when wet. Though limestone is sensitive to erosion from acids and may require maintenance to ensure its longevity, it remains an excellent stone for luxury patios and elegant outdoor areas.

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