4 Ways to Spice Up Your Backyard with Stone Veneer in Barnegat, NJ

Looking for a way to spruce up your backyard without an overly drastic change? Stone veneer is a great way to update your existing structures instantly. Here are four ways to make your Barnegat, NJ, backyard come alive with stone veneer:

On Your Home

Your home is the main focal point of your backyard, so make it look good! Using stone veneer can give your home a finished look that can be tied together with other elements of your landscape design. A landscape contractor can apply stone veneer to the bottom few feet of your home in order to add texture and a natural look. This is the trend for making modern homes look chic and attractive. It also serves as a great backdrop for plantings and shrubbery, enhancing the naturalistic feel. Ledgestone by Stone Craft is a beautiful veneer made of differently sized stones that look like a natural, handmade stacked stone. Adding this to your home is an easy way to uplift the appearance of your home’s exterior without altering the structure.

On a Kitchen Island

4 Ways to Spice Up Your Backyard with Stone Veneer in Barnegat, NJ

Applying stone veneer on your kitchen island can make it look a little more appropriate in your backyard setting. Stone can make anything feel more naturalized. You could have stone veneer applied on the body of your kitchen island to give it a different appearance. Bedrock by Pinnacle Stone is a beautiful, earthy gray veneer that perfectly complements any outdoor kitchen space. You can also use it on the pillars that support any roofed structures over your outdoor kitchen for a matching aesthetic.

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On Your Hot Tub

Adding veneer to your above-ground hot tub is a great way to make it look a lot more more presentable. The exteriors of some hot tubs can be unappealing but could instantly become a beautiful focal point with the addition of what appears to be natural stone. CoastalReef by Eldorado Stone is a clean, modern stone veneer that’s perfect for an outdoor hot tub. Its bright color contrasts with randomly sized squares of stone reminiscent of seashells.

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On a Shed

Sheds are an enormous convenience for housing all your outdoor supplies, but their simplified functionality doesn’t take away their need to be attractive structures. Adding stone veneer is one way to keep your shed updated and pleasing to view. It can also be an opportune strategy for tying in a shed with the rest of your outdoor design. Del Mare Ledgestone by Cultured Stone offers a beautiful array of marine-inspired stones that are perfect for any use in your Barnegat, NJ, property. Pair this stone in Black Isle with a creamy white paint color to update your shed instantly. The contrast of the rich, gray stone with the bright paint will create a classic yet modern look.

Stone veneer is a fantastic tool for completely transforming your home’s exterior and virtually any element of your outdoor design. Use it to tie together different parts of your design for a cohesive and fresh look. View pictures of stone veneer, and reach out to tell us which part of your outdoor design you would like to revamp with stone veneer.

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