5 Benefits of Choosing Stone Veneer for Your Fire Pit in Brick, NJ

5 Benefits of Choosing Stone Veneer for Your Fire Pit in Brick, NJ

Fire features are popular additions for backyards, and with good reason. They extend the use of a landscape much later into the fall and early winter, and provide a fun gathering spot for friends and family. Few people can resist the comfort and allure of a warm, well-contained fire right in their backyard. When homeowners in Brick, NJ, inquire about their fire pit options, you’ll want to include stone veneer in the conversation. Here are some of the benefits of stone veneer:

Stone Veneer Is Less Costly

Compared to traditional paving stones, stone veneer costs less, sometimes half of what natural stones cost. Part of the reason has to do with weight: The lighter weight of stone veneer makes it easier to transport and manage on project sites.

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Another factor is the more complicated nature of putting natural stones together. They need to fit together like a puzzle, which can require more material to make the fit work than the ease of stone veneer, not to mention the labor time it takes up. Stone veneer is designed to fit together seamlessly, so there is very little waste. The installation costs are less because it is not as heavy and can be applied over almost any surface.

Stone Veneer Has a Natural Appearance

Since stone veneer is made from molds of actual stones, it looks like real stone. The colors are true, and there’s variance in the texture and shapes, just like natural stone.

Stone Veneer Is Durable

Natural stones are one of the most durable elements for home architecture, but stone veneer is every bit as durable. Constructed of strong polymers and cement, stone veneer is both fade resistant and shock resistant and won’t deteriorate. It is colorfast and retains its original colors even in the hottest sun. As for care and cleaning, all that’s needed is mild soap and water—stone veneer does not require special cleaners.

Stone Veneer Is Flexible

One of the best features of stone veneer is its flexibility. Natural stone requires quite a bit of work to join edges well, while stone veneer is flexible and can be installed on curves and rounded edges with ease. The color and shape are uniform, making it perfect for sharp corners where joining the two sides can be tricky. Finally, because it is lighter weight, veneer is ideal for tight applications and small sections.

Stone Veneer Is Heat Resistant

This could be the strongest reason to use stone veneer for a Brick, NJ, fire pit—the heat from the fire will not damage the veneer of the fire pit. It will not catch fire either.

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Whether your clients are thinking of building a fire pit or renovating an existing fire pit, they should know that stone veneer is cost-efficient, long-wearing, and naturally beautiful. It will them achieve their vision for a fire pit that looks to be made of natural but that falls at a much lower price point. LE-Ed Concrete & Supply Co. has state-of-the-art hardscape supplies for your fire pit needs. Our expertise and experience can guide you and your clients to the ideal stone veneer for your project.

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