5 Landscaping Ideas to Design an Inviting Backyard Barbecue Area in Toms River, NJ

Do you feel like there’s something missing from your outdoor entertainment area design? Perhaps there isn’t enough open space, or it’s too noisy, or it simply isn’t memorable enough. Whatever may be lacking in a backyard barbecue area, consider the following landscaping ideas for solutions for any Toms River, NJ home: 

A water feature

A water feature can add a relaxing ambience to a backyard barbecue area. Waterfalls, for example, contribute sounds, motion, and life to a landscape. They create a pleasant, tranquil soundtrack and are captivating to watch. They also bring the melodic songs of birdlife, in search of drinking water, to the landscape. Consider constructing a stone water feature that appears to have been carved out of your natural landscape by centuries of erosion. Constructing a waterfall that rushes into the pool can add a fun, refreshing element to summer pool parties. In addition to the tropical look and feel created, kids will enjoy swimming underneath the stream of water.

An outdoor kitchen and bar

5 Landscaping Ideas to Design an Inviting Backyard Barbecue Area in Toms River, NJ

If there is only a solitary grill out back, consider transforming it into a fully-decked outdoor kitchen. This will minimize trips between the home and grill, as users will be able to store, prepare, grill, and serve food from the comfort of the outdoor kitchen. Additional features like a pizza oven, beer taps and a spacious bar can serve to make the barbecue area absolutely irresistible! 

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Landscape lighting is an excellent way to bring certain features to life after sunset. For example, a stunning sculpture or interesting plant can be highlighted by surrounding it with up-facing lights. This technique, termed up-lighting, is best executed using objects and plants with interesting shapes and contours. Silhouetting is similarly suited to interesting structures, as it casts a shadow of the object on a nearby wall. 

In addition to creating interesting focal points, landscape lighting can be used to serve a variety of functions. For example, ensuring that the outdoor kitchen and dining area are well lit will make dining and preparing food much easier for the homeowner. Ensuring that walkways are well lit will also keep guests safe as they navigate the landscape. Many homeowners use elegant strip lights to highlight the dark corners of their hardscapes, such as the space beneath a countertop or the edge of a step. This creates the illusion of space and adds a elegant touch to the hardscape.  

A cozy fire pit

Few things are as inviting as a roaring fire, especially once the evening chill sets in. Consider constructing a charming stone fire pit surrounded by comfortable chairs or a seat wall adorned with pillows. If the hardscape subscribes to a contemporary aesthetic theme, you could opt for sleek concrete wall units and a geometric layout instead. Fire pits create hot-spots for conversation and relaxation, and can even be lit for the enjoyment of a good book on a quiet weeknight.

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A balanced landscape

Although hardscaping is incredibly useful for creating functional spaces that offer different activities and atmospheres, a backyard consisting solely of concrete and stone elements can look and feel rather imposing and lifeless. It is important to retain enough green space within the landscape to counteract the heavy, artificial nature of man-made materials. Consider surrounding the pool with plenty of large-leafed plants for a tropical atmosphere. Potted plants and flower beds tucked along the perimeters of outdoor rooms can also enliven the hardscape. 

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