5 Modern Landscaping Ideas to Create a Permanent Seating Area in Holmdel, NJ

Built-in outdoor seating can go a long way in making Holmdel, NJ outdoor spaces more usable. It will often make use of existing elements of the yard, such as retaining walls, to create an altogether more efficient design. In this guide, we consider a variety of outdoor permanent seating solutions that suit a range of landscape designs.

Seat walls

Seat walls are one of the most efficient seating solutions for any landscape, as any low wall can double as a seating wall. Whether small boundary walls or retaining walls, seating walls can be a lifesaver when a homeowner has extra company over. However, to maximize comfort, a few additions may have to be made to any existing walls. Ideally, ensure that the mortar joints are tightly packed to keep the finish smooth. Avoid sharp edges or invest in some round-nosed coping if you want to increase the seat size and comfort level. 

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5 Modern Landscaping Ideas to Create a Permanent Seating Area in Holmdel, NJ

Inset seating

While seat walls require walls that are sufficiently thick for people to sit on comfortably, inset seating allows you to transform any supporting wall in or around your landscape into a seating solution. By adding a seating portion to the home’s outer wall, you not only get built-in seating, but also a backrest. Moreover, you can use a variety of materials for the seating portion, ranging from wood to concrete pavers that match the existing masonry of your design. Cushions can be added for additional support, comfort and a touch of color. 

Wooden Benches

Wooden benches are a versatile seating solution, found in a variety of configurations and styles. This makes it easy to find a built-in seating solution for your particular landscape design. For more natural landscapes, outdoor park style benches made from mahogany or oak work beautifully. You can also go the minimalist route of using planks of cedar to create a simpler design. This type of seating has the advantage of working wonderfully in any design. Moreover, benches can be made to order to fit around existing features in the yard, such as an outdoor kitchen or firepit. They are also much easier to remove and reposition in the case of future renovations.

A seating deck 

A small, dedicated deck can be a comfortable and versatile seating solution. They can be easily positioned around the yard and can be installed with relative ease. More importantly, they can be more comfortable as they provide the option to lie back and relax. As with most seating solutions in this list, cushions may be necessary to maximize the comfort of the occupants. Ideally, the deck should be installed in a shady area to avoid over-exposure to the sun. If the deck is near a pool, a large umbrella can also be a great solution. 

Swing bench

If the landscape has the luxury of large, structurally sound trees, a swinging bench is a must-have. A swing bench offers an added dimension to a seating plan with a fun, comfortable solution. Naturally, it is important to consider safety concerns, including the integrity of the branches, as well as the materials used for the bench. Buy your materials from LE-ED Concrete & Supply Co. to ensure best results.

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