5 Questions to Ask your Stone Supply and Delivery Company

The first step to deciding on the stone to be used in your landscape in Stafford, NJ, is finding a reliable stone supply and delivery company. Stone, being a natural material, is subject to great variability in durability and appearance, and can vary from one quarry to another, as well as from one batch to another. When it comes to the supply and delivery of natural stone, you simply can’t afford to ignore such concerns. Find a stone supplier that’s worthy of your investment. Finding a reputable and trustworthy stone supplier entails asking the following questions:

Do they have a large stone selection?

In the building industry, there are many variables that come into play, from finding the right strength of stone for your construction to meeting the requirements of a specific color scheme. Ask your potential stone supply and delivery company if it has a large selection in stock. This will ensure that the company has a good chance of meeting your specific needs.

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From where do the stones originate?

5 Questions to Ask your Stone Supply and Delivery Company in Stafford, NJ

It is smart to ask your stone supplier where the stones actually come from. The stones could be harvested and manufactured locally, or they could come from a completely different part of the country, or even from across the world. Internationally sourced stone should be assured a guarantee of ethical trade and labor practices. What this means is that no child labor is used anywhere along the supply chain and that laborers and administrators are paid a fair and living wage. If buying local is a concern of yours, ask your stone supplier what locally sourced stone they can offer.

Can the stone supply and delivery company guarantee a consistent product while maintaining stable prices?

A wide supply network can help ensure that both quality and price remain consistent. Ask your supplier how large and reliable their network is to ensure that you receive the quantity you require at a fair price. If the stones are locally quarried, ask what sort of quality checks are in place to ensure consistency of quality.

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What types of finishes does the company offer?

Typical stone finishes include raw, split, brushed, hammered, polished and honed. Each has their own use and aesthetic functions. Polished offers a reflective surface ideal for fine details. Honed provides a fine texture that limits reflection. Heavier textures offer richness and a more natural look. Which kind of finish you require may depend on your personal tastes or matters of safety. Ensure that the supplier can fulfill this requirement of your design.

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Can I trust that my needs will be taken care of?

Find out the kind of customer care the company provides for its clients. Can they offer professional advice concerning your project? Do they offer help in selecting the best possible materials for your project? Do they offer prompt delivery of materials? Your stone supply and delivery company should offer a personal approach in ensuring that the customer is satisfied.  

Do they only supply stone?

A good stone company should have stone as a major product, but this is just a tip of the iceberg. In addition, LE-ED Concrete & Supply offers landscaping products such as artificial turf, bulk supplies of mulch, gravel, rock salt and more, as well as services that include 3D landscape design.

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