5 Tips for Stabilizing a Slope with Landscaping Stones in Marlboro NJ

A sloping yard can be a frustrating, thorny problem for homeowners in Marlboro, NJ, but there are solutions for bringing out more usable space to the landscape. Here are some tips for stabilizing your sloping yard with landscape stones.

Staggered Large Stones

5 Tips for Stabilizing a Slope with Landscaping Stones in Marlboro NJ

When water runs down a slope during a storm, it can wash away the dirt from the roots of plants and grass to cause some significant erosion. Situating sturdy rocks in a stabilized manner on the slope can help to redirect the water into a more manageable flow. You could use huge boulders or large natural stones in a regular pattern on the slope to create visual interest as well as erosion control. Grouping several stones together often looks better than individual rocks. You may even decide to add ornamental grass or large plants to accent the rocks.

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Rock-Filled Slope

If you want to eliminate the awkward mowing that your slope requires, consider covering the entire slope with rocks. You can vary the rocks from small pea gravel for the base to larger river stones set in a line to make a ledge. There can be several rock ledges on the slope to give a tiered appearance, bringing some geometric symmetry to the slope. This solution adds dimension to a rock-filled sloping yard, making it an attractive focal point instead of an eroded hill.

Rock Garden

Another relatively simple solution to stabilize a sloping yard is to build a rock garden at the bottom of the hill. Digging up the grass and replacing it with a gravel base and large landscape stones is a great way to catch the water run-off, while adding an appealing aspect to your yard. Planting varieties that thrive in moist soil will create a true garden among the rocks. There are many types of plants such as ferns, bee balm, and some sunflowers that can be the star of a Marlboro, NJ, rock garden, so much so that no one will ever have to know that you ever wrestled with a slope problem.

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Walkways and Steps

Steps offer a safe way to access the top of a hill while also offering the attractive effect of drawing the eye upward. Using large, flat flagstones as comfortable stepping stones set into the hill can allow you and your guests to move from the lower part of the yard to the higher part where you could, if space allows, build an outdoor room covered by a pergola. Or the stepping stones could lead to a play area for your children, complete with a swing set and sandbox. Even a meandering walkway up the slope can allow you to climb your incline with ease—just remember to choose small gravel or flat stones to build the footpath so that tripping is not a concern.

Stacked Retaining Wall

While many retaining walls must be constructed by a professional landscape contractor because of the height, homeowners can build a low stacked stone wall that adds beauty and better drainage direction to a sloped yard. You may decide to fill in the empty space behind a 2 foot wall with fertilized dirt for planting your favorite trailing vines or seasonal flowers.

Visit a landscape and hardscape supply supplier for ideas and materials to make your sloping yard into something special.

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