5 Winter-Ready Masonry Supply Materials for Point Pleasant Contractors

With the right materials, masonry landscape features can be stunning and long-lasting, making a Point Pleasant, NJ, masonry project a worthwhile investment. With the extensive choice of stone offered by LE-ED Concrete and Supply Co, finding the right winter-ready masonry supplies has never been easier. Here are five great materials that contractors should consider for their next project:


Bluestone patios and walkways offer a natural, timeless look that is ideal for formal themes or traditional settings. On the practical side, bluestone is a great material for areas that encounter heavy foot traffic because of its dense composition and hardness. Bluestone rarely becomes slippery when wet, owed to its naturally granular surface texture.

This attractive stone is available in grayish-blue shades that change and become more characterful over time. Because it is extracted from earth, the stone’s colors can vary from deep blue to gray and include hints of brown and green as well. This material can be cut in uniform sizes or irregular shapes. Working with irregular shaped bluestone allows a more creative design that can be applied to steps and walkways. The uniform pieces are easier to work with, however, and create a cleaner look.

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Unilock Limestone and Sandstone

5 Winter-Ready Masonry Supply Materials for Point Pleasant, NJ, Contractors

Unilock Limestone and Sandstone make the perfect choice for any landscaping project that requires natural stone. These two natural stones can be used for accenting, paving large surfaces, and for steps and coping as well. Sandstone is a clastic sedimentary rock, formed naturally by compressed sand-sized grains that give the stone its pleasing texture and stunning color palette. Regular sandstone comes with the disadvantage of being prone to porosity, however, Unilock sandstone is treated with technology that allows the stone to survive freeze-thaw cycles, ensuring low water absorption and high flexural strength.

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Limestone impresses with its nearly silky texture that suits minimalist landscape designs. As with sandstone, this material is also durable for areas which see a lot of foot traffic and comes in different paver sizes and a variety of colors. One of the best things about limestone is that it is unlikely to get too hot during the summer or too cold during the winter, making it great for poolscaping or an attractive and comfortable patio design.

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Stone Blocks

Many contractors choose stone wall units over other masonry materials because of their rugged qualities and natural characteristic that make them perfect for winter conditions. Regardless of whether you are building an outdoor kitchen island or a retaining wall, stone blocks have the capacity to withstand freeze-thaw cycles and offer aesthetic enjoyment all year round. Stone blocks are ideal for creating rustic low wall systems, rugged steps, and natural-looking arrangements.

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Stone Slabs

One of the most common use of stone slabs is for building steps. Because of their sheer weight, stone slabs are ideal for creating time-enduring features with a natural look. Slabs are durable, waterproof, and offer a weathered appearance. While these units are available in a number of different types of stone, their size and weight make them reliable, hardy, and perfect features for a winter-proof residence.

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Image courtesy of Unilock.

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