6 Essential Landscape Materials for Your NJ Design

Whether you’re remodeling your landscape or updating existing features, these materials are essential in ensuring a durable and attractive design for your Middletown, NJ, home. Consider the following for inspiration in getting the best possible look for your landscape.

Natural Stone Pavers

For patios and walkways, natural stone pavers are an excellent choice of material. Natural stone provides a charming, earthy look and relaxed elegance that contributes greatly to the aesthetic and monetary value of a home. Because of natural stone’s inherent character, you can be assured that no two natural stone paved surface will be exactly alike. Choose from natural stone options such as limestone, sandstone, bluestone, fieldstone and flagstone to achieve a look and style you love.

Concrete Pavers

Concrete pavers offer the look and feel of natural stone, brick, or cobblestone with the assured quality of a manufactured product. EP Henry, Unilock and Techo-Bloc provide us with the best concrete pavers available, ensuring a hardscape that is both attractive and highly durable. The range of concrete pavers is vast, enabling you to achieve the look for your patio, walkways, driveway or pool deck that best matches your vision. While damage to concrete pavers is rare, broken pavers are easily lifted and swapped out for a seamless repair. Another huge advantage of concrete pavers are their capacity to form a tight interlock. This ensures a strong, flexible surface, making concrete pavers ideal for use in areas that are subjected to heavy weight, such as driveways and parking areas.

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Edging Units

For planting beds, patios, walkways, and every other paved hardscape feature, edging or bordering is an attractive extra. This clearly delineates the area while enhancing the aesthetic of the structure. Without edging, the project may seem incomplete or lacking in appearance. Moreover, the structure could be at risk for quicker deterioration without a protective edging in place.

6 Essential Landscape Materials for Your Middletown, NJ Design


Vertical elements require reliable wallstone to ensure that they remain functional and attractive over the long run. Outdoor kitchen spaces, retaining walls, fire features and even permanent seating will require these units. Whether natural stone or concrete, the range of these units make customization easier, and you can flexibly match the architectural style of the home and surrounding areas.

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Veneer Stone

Veneer stone is ideal for giving your home and landscape a stunning new look. These thin stone pieces can be used to clad concrete features, plastered walls and even the facade of your home. Veneer stone comes in a range as wide as natural stone itself and offers a number of different styles from a stacked slate look to an old-world boulder aesthetic. You may even be interested in a sleek graphite ledgestone for a bold, modern look.

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Decorative Gravel

The uses of decorative gravel extend from filling up spaces in plant beds to creating mock river beds and even laying walkways. Decorative gravel can also be used as a turf replacement to reduce landscape maintenance. Whatever the purpose, decorative gravel offers a charming, natural look and high functionality.