6 Landscaping Stones for Modern Landscapes in Berkeley Township, NJ

Modern design couples elegance and function. That’s why these landscaping stones from Unilock are ideal for adding sleek sophistication, long-term durability, and practicality to your landscape projects in Berkeley Township, NJ:


Senzo is a premium choice to offer to your clients, not only for its looks, but also its functionality. Equipped with Unilock EnduraColor Facemix Technology, Senzo is highly resistant to fading, keeping your customers satisfied for many years after installation. Senzo can also be utilized for a number of different applications, from driveways to patios, and even to accent a large space. This paver comes in three different colors, to give your client plenty of room for customization.

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Tribeca Cobble

Tribeca Cobble ties the feel of weathered cobble with the advanced concrete technology of Unilock to create an unbeatable landscape paver. Tribeca Cobble utilizes EnduraColor Facemix Technology fade protection among other Unilock quality assurances to provide the best product for your client. Tribeca Cobble is also offered in a curb unit, perfect for driveways and front entrances. Tribeca Cobble is compatible with permeable installation methods, allowing for a hardscape surface with historical character, coupled with modern environmental sensibilities.


Series pavers are a popular choice for achieving a sleek, modern look, and are perfect for patios and walkways. The granite, quartz and feldspar crystals infused into this paver’s surface, coupled with characteristic Unilock durability, provides a surface as hard-wearing as it is beautiful. Series is available in three different colors and four different sizes to provide a variety of options for your client. Series is also an ideal accent paver, and can be paired with almost any other wall unit or paver to enhance, complement or contrast a basic design.

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Beacon Hill Smooth

Beacon Hill Smooth has soft blended colors and a zero-bevel design. Beacon Hill Smooth comes in four unique colors, perfect for satisfying various design needs. Pavers can be ordered in an XL Unit Size or in a bundle of smaller sizes to create a variety of laying patterns. The smooth surface texture and elegant color options make Beacon Hill Smooth a quintessential modern paver.

6 Landscaping Stones for Modern Landscapes in Berkeley Township, NJ


Umbriano can be used in a variety of applications and designs, which makes it a versatile paver for any customer. Umbriano is perfect for modern designs specifically due to its zero-bevel surface and soft color tones. Umbriano is offered in six pleasing color options to fit project design needs. This paver also comes in five different size options, as well as a randomized bundle for unique design opportunities. The mottled granite-like surface of Umbriano provides subtle visual interest while maintaining its sleek elegance.


Eco-Priora is a landscaping stone that is equal parts functional and sophisticated. Eco-Priora is part of the Unilock Permeable Paver range and provides drainage through its 7mm jointing gap, created with the use of special spacer bars. Filled with special fine stone chip, these joints allow for the rapid dispersion of water. This paver is perfect for projects that require large paved areas, such as driveways and even commercial hardscapes. Eco-Priora comes in four different finishes to provide added traction or visual interest if needed.

Image courtesy of Unilock.

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