6 Stunning Uses of Stone Veneer in Brick Township, NJ

Stone veneer is more popular than ever as a residential building material in Brick Township, NJ. Its ease of installation and extreme versatility make it a perfect choice for homeowners looking to keep apace with today’s design trends. Whether you’re looking for innovative ways to add curb appeal, or wishing to update an outdoor space, stone veneer is indispensable. The high adaptability of stone veneer products makes them a natural fit for even the most innovative developments in design.

Stone veneer can be adhered to most wall surfaces to conveniently introduce the charm of natural stone to a project. Durability is one prime characteristic of stone veneer that makes it a favorite of builders and architects who are looking for dependable strength, quality and consistency. Stone veneer is low maintenance and can withstand a wide range of climates. Here are just some of the ways stone veneer can be incorporated into your outdoor spaces to achieve some stunning design effects:

Exterior Home Facades

Instead of bricks and wood, stone veneer is now the preferred choice in exterior home facades because of its durability. Its rustic look adds to its popularity and the possibilities it offers for complementing a home’s outdoors. Using stone veneer as a cladding for the exterior of a home is an excellent way to tie the home in with a natural stone hardscape design and to immediately boost curb appeal, as well as the aesthetic and monetary value of a home.

Commercial Buildings

Stone veneers are used in commercial buildings for their unique design possibilities and versatility. The variety of available shapes and colors allows the introduction of elegance and character at a relatively low cost.

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6 Stunning Uses of Stone Veneer in Brick Township, NJ

The wide variety of stone veneer styles that are available make it the preferred choice for fireplaces' exterior finish. This allows a structure such as an outdoor fireplace to take on the appearance of high quality natural stone at a lower cost and greater ease of construction. Stone veneer used in outdoor fireplaces can feature anything from a conventional, rough-hewn texture to a modern, sleek feel.

Outdoor Kitchens

Stone veneer islands and backsplashes can add texture and variation to kitchens, and can be used to achieve a rustic or natural feel. Using stone veneer is also an excellent way to save space during the construction of cabinet islands in order to ensure maximum storage room.

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To blend pergolas or the support pillars for overhead structures into the hardscape of your backyard, columns clad with stone veneer are an excellent option. Using masonry columns in this fashion can also help to protect the base of wooden support pillars. Such columns can double as convenient standing tables on which to place snacks or beverages while entertaining.

Low Walls

If it’s time to update the low walls or seating walls delineating your patio spaces, stone veneer offers a quick and convenient method of doing so. Whether it’s to transform the appearance of your outdoor spaces, create a more uniform design, or to create additional visual interest, stone veneer cladding for your low walls is definitely an option worth considering.

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