6 Unilock Pavers for a Modern Landscape in NJ

When it comes to contemporary design, Unilock offers a wide selection of pavers that will appeal to clients in Berkeley, NJ. If you’re a contractor looking to help your client achieve a modern look for their landscape, these pavers are worth considering and sharing with your client:

Series 3000

With a bold, granite-like appearance and rich color options, Series 3000 offers an excellent addition to a modern aesthetic. These pavers are effective for use as borders and accents as well as large uninterrupted stretches such as patios and driveways, owing to the high-level of visual interest they imbue. Series 3000 pavers are available in Black Granite, Crystalline Basalt, Mocha Brown and Peppered Granite, as well as a wide selection of shapes and sizes to ensure maximum visual interest.


These sleek, minimalist pavers offer a strong longitudinal emphasis that is perfect for achieving the modern aesthetic. These plank-like pavers are available in numerous lengths and widths allowing for graphic interest while maintaining a clean, modern appeal. Artline is available in a number of neutral shades including Steel Mountain, French Grey, and Winter Marvel, as well as the sunny Tuscany option.

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Promenade Plank Paver

The Promenade Plank Paver is another plank-like option with added simplicity of design. This paver offers all the clean line, horizontal lines associated with modern design, as well as a high degree of texture variations. The Promenade Plank Paver is available in four custom finish options to ensure high textural contrast.

Bristol Valley

4 Unilock Pavers for a Modern Landscape in Berkeley NJ

With the appearance of natural flagstone, Bristol Valley lends itself to modern design that retains an earthy warmth and a hint of rustic richness. The fine, gently irregular sides and zero bevel edges of Bristol Valley are ideal for the modern/contemporary aesthetic. Bristol Valley offers a color range that contains a mix of warm and neutral tones, including Bavarian, Sierra and New York Blend.

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Another design trait that works well with modern homes are the long, slim lines of Senzo. The gradient colors, non-slip protection and subtle texturing add a modern feel to walkways, patios and driveways. The complex blend of granite and quartz as well as intense color blendings create a look of that works very well with modern minimalistic design features.


Umbriano offers the luxury aesthetic of granite in a range of colors. The square edges and multiple sizes provide a contemporary look and make for a paver with a wide variety of uses. The Summer Wheat color variation provides a clean, spacious look rich with specks of color and a natural sparkle owing to its quartz infused surface.  The dark blending of the Midnight Sky paver offers a smooth ultra-modern finish and slim profile for clean focal points, borders and edging. Also available in this range are the colors Autumn Sunset, which is imbued with a definite warmth, and Winter Marvel that offers the aesthetic of white granite. The large format in which these pavers are available, makes them ideal for modern patios where the emphasis is on large, uninterrupted spaces.

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Image courtesy of Unilock.

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