Best Practices for Installing Paving Stones Over Concrete in Manalapan, NJ

When a client hires you to redo a crumbling concrete driveway in Malapan, NJ, it presents an opportunity. You could rip out the existing concrete or pour more concrete over the driveway, but the driveway could be much longer lasting and aesthetically pleasing with another, more modern solution. This is when you could suggest installing paving stones. Paving stones would update your clients’ concrete surfaces—from a crumbling driveway to a brand-new pool deck or patio that can admire and enjoy for many, many years. LE-ED Concrete & Supply Co. has a comprehensive selection of concrete pavers, decorative stone, and masonry supplies for even the biggest jobs.

What Surfaces Can Be Covered Successfully?

Best Practices for Installing Paving Stones Over Concrete in Manalapan, NJ

The existing concrete surface cannot have any large cracks or loose sections. The surface must be relatively smooth. The drainage of the area to be covered must be adequate to keep any water from standing on top of the pavers.

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How Are Paving Stones Laid Over Concrete?

Explaining the process from beginning to end can help your customer feel confident that the outcome will bring new life to the look of their property.

First, if the slope of the structure does not allow for proper drainage, small drainage holes can be drilled into the concrete to allow the water to diffuse into the earth. Water can wreak havoc on any hardscape that does not drain well, so pay close attention to eliminating standing water.

Second, thoroughly pressure wash the area to be covered, making sure to remove any dirt, grease, or debris that could hinder bonding. Allow everything to dry completely.

Third, after installing a retaining border, you’ll need to lay the pavers in the chosen pattern, ensuring that all cuts are symmetrical for a pleasing aesthetic. Then, fill the joints as you would any other paver installation using a joint compound sand like EasyPro from Unilock.

Another matter to keep in mind is how this new paving stone installation will affect everything nearby. Since the new paving stone feature will be higher than the original concrete, you’ll need to account for transitions to a walkway, steps, and access ways.

What Should Homeowners Know About Installation?

There are pitfalls if this landscape refresh method for the inexperienced: Homeowners want to avoid uneven patterns and miscalculations on the materials needed for a slope or around a curve. You’re in a position to emphasize how your expertise will eliminate the guesswork and lead to an efficiently installed hardscape.

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What Are the Benefits of Paving Stones?

Paving stones are beautiful and come in a wide array of colors and sizes to customize the look your client wants. When clients choose quality pavers, they will have a modern hardscape that will add to the overall value of the property.

Indeed, when a landscape design requires the modern, dynamic hardscape foundation of pavers, our team at LE-ED Concrete & Supply guides you through the available collections including EP Henry, Unilock, and Techo-Bloc pavers. We are proud to carry the largest supply of pavers and wall products in the Toms River, NJ region, therefore meeting the design and budgetary needs of each unique landscaping project. From sleek, modern rectangles to rustic, old-world cobblestones, there is a paving stone that is perfect for any homeowner and any project.