Best Unilock Pavers for Achieving the Charm of Brick in NJ

Brick pavers offer rich, warm and earthy tones for outdoor building projects such as walkways, driveways, fireplaces and patios. This is why this type of paver is such a popular choice among consumers for outdoor landscaping designs. However, modern manufacturing technology allow companies like Unilock to manufacture brick pavers in a huge variety of styles, with more strength and durability than ever before by diverging from traditional manufacturing methods.

Rather than using fired clay, Unilock manufactures their brick pavers from concrete and a combination of high performance pigments. This method ensures strong, lasting color, an extremely durable and weather resistant surface, and a hardscape that is stain-resistant and easy to clean. Unilock also makes use of a number of different molding methods in the making of their products, ensuring a texture that is indistinguishable from that of traditional clay brick. Here are a few examples of Unilock brick-style pavers that you can use to achieve the charm of brick for your property:

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The Camelot paver offers a modern take on the traditional cobblestone brick paver look. The reddish tones of this paver work with almost any design, whether contemporary or classical, and its rounded edges and softened corners give it a gentle, welcoming appearance. This paver is available in a variety of colors, including the earthy brown Almond Grove, neutral grey Granite, Rustic Red for a traditional brick look, the blended brown and charcoal of Sierra, and the clay look of Terra Cotta.  


Cassova combines the flexibility of design associated with the brick shape and the character of natural stone with a weathered and dimpled rock-like surface. This paver works beautifully in any type of weave or herringbone laying pattern that breathes life into a driveway or patio.

Best Unilock Pavers for Achieving the Charm of Brick in NJ


Copthorne is the go-to brick-style paver from Unilock, and is ideal for homeowners looking to replicate the look of brick while maintaining the strength and durability of concrete. This paver incorporates a number of proprietary Unilock technologies, including Reala Surface Technology for a realistic surface cast from actual brick, and Ultima Concrete Technology that makes it well suited to areas of heavy and frequent vehicle traffic. The many colors offered in the Copthorne range include Basalt, a deep charcoal ideal for strong borders and contrasting accents, as well as the traditional clay coloring of Burgundy Red, Burnt Clay and Old Oak. A three color blend of these is also an attractive option for adding variation to a hardscape surface.

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Town Hall

Town Hall pavers offer all of the aesthetic and practical benefits of Copthorne pavers with the distinction between the two being the difference in size. Town Hall pavers are noticeably larger and offer a bolder pattern with their 9.75”X4”X2.75” dimensions to Copthorne’s 7.75”X2.5”X2.25”. Town Hall is also available in two additional color options: Heritage Red and Heritage Clay.


Hollandstone offers simplicity and vibrance with its single size and bold, textured colors.  For the look of traditional brick, Hollandstone is available in Red, Rustic Red and Terra Cotta, as well as Almond Grove, Charcoal, Granite and Sierra.

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