Bring the Indoors Out with Natural Stone Flooring in Lacey Township, NJ

Natural stone has become synonymous with sophistication in the context of residential landscaping. Authentic stone surfaces are also renowned for their impressive strength and stunning beauty. Here are a few ways natural stone can add indoor luxury to outdoor spaces in Lacey Township, NJ. 

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Long-lasting Polish

Bring the Indoors Out with Natural Stone Flooring in Lacey Township, NJ  

Natural stone tackles one of the greatest obstacles of landscape design—wear and tear. Authentic stone is collected or quarried from sites where it has happily resisted the elements for millions of years. Many other building materials may become unsightly as decades pass, but natural stone only becomes more refined, characterful, and beautiful. Unlike artificial concrete pavers, stones bear the same shade throughout their entire structure. Therefore, chips and scratches blend into the surrounding stone and require little attention or attempts at repair. While outdoor living is still plagued by harsh weather, an indoor refinement and sophistication can be achieved by opting for resilient materials like stone. In addition, authentic stone is free of pollutants that threaten the health of your family and pets. Natural stone can also be restored to its prime, regardless of any damage or neglect that may have transpired. For example, century-old stone can be ground and polished relatively quickly to reveal a new, flawless underbelly. 

Sandstone from Unilock

Utilizing sandstone is an easy way to mark your landscape with a natural or tropical look and feel. Consider framing your pool with Autumn Harvest Sandstone from Unilock and marvel at the contrast created between the cool blue hues of the water and the warm, beachy undertones of the stone. This stunning sandstone variation reflects away summer heat, making it a good candidate for pool decks that see lots of bare feet activity. Sand grain-like surface textures are wonderful to walk on and safe—non-slip qualities help to prevent accidents. 

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Limitless Aesthetic Possibilities

From slate to fieldstone, the array of natural stone varieties out there is near-endless. Not only do the varieties of natural stone differ from each other, but individual stones also bear unique details that tell a story of their formation and collection. While artificial materials follow a particular formula and are fit into molds, no natural stone is identical to another. This unique flair grants stone surfaces a sense of luxury and refinement, making them well-suited to outdoor rooms imbued with indoor-like luxury. The incredible variety found in natural stone also results in unbeatable versatility, as no other building material will offer you as many different color and texture options. Regardless of your desired hardscape aesthetic, a stone is out there that will bring your vision to life. 

Limestone from Unilock

Limestone from Unilock is available in a range of cool shades, namely Black River, Hearthstone, and Winter Mist. Regardless of their monochrome undertones, these stones can enliven a landscape. The powerful Black River variation, for example, can be paired with red-brick and deep green plants for an exquisite color combination that will really turn heads. These stones tend to allow any surrounding greenery or textiles to stand out even further, creating highs and lows in the patio design. Limestone from Unilock is unmistakably sleek and pairs excellently with modern hardscapes. 

Image courtesy of Unilock.