Bring Your Middletown, NJ, Landscape Design to Life with These 4 Materials from Our Landscape Supply

As a landscape contractor, you can choose from an abundance of materials to bring a landscape design to life, including sprucing up the garden with some new greenery or adding a stunning water feature to your next Middletown, NJ, landscape project. But you probably know that it all starts with the hardscape materials and the way they are tied into the overall aesthetics of the surrounding outdoor space. From colors to textures and shapes, the following four materials, available at our landscape supply, will enhance the beauty of your client’s landscape.

Natural Stone

Bring Your Middletown, NJ, Landscape Design to Life with These 4 Materials from Our Landscape Supply

Landscape contractors, designers, and homeowners have praised natural stone with a good reason: It offers a timeless beauty that can’t be beat. In our masonry supply, we offer the best of the best when it comes to natural stone, and our team will make it easy for you to select the right type for your project.

From high-quality natural stone from Unilock to bluestone, flagstone, and even fieldstone, we offer a range of products suitable for any landscape project. The natural stone by Unilock provides unmatched quality, strength, and durability. Unilock natural stone features incredibly low water absorption, flexural strength, and resistance to free-thaw deterioration.

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Concrete Pavers

When it comes to creating stunning landscape features that match any type of landscape design, concrete pavers are often the go-to choice. The popularity of concrete pavers has risen in recent years because they are extremely durable, can withstand notoriously harsh weather, and come in an abundance of color and textures that can easily complement the overall look of a home.

Now, there is no point in comparing these pavers with natural stone, since it’s difficult to spot the difference—concrete pavers are a stunning, reliable alternative. Unlike natural stone, concrete pavers can be used for a larger variety of applications, from patio flooring and fireplaces to walls and poolscapes, and they are considered easier to maintain. At LE-ED Concrete & Supply Co., we understand the importance of choice, so we’ve made sure to offer concrete pavers from the best brands in the industry, including EP Henry, Unilock, and Techo-Bloc.

Decorative Gravel

Gravel in landscaping is another hardscape material gaining in popularity. Aside from making the landscape look more relaxed and alive, this type of stone offers many benefits. As you probably know, gravel helps control soil erosion by preventing it from moving during heavy rainfall or wind. Gravel can be used for a variety of applications, so try to spark the creative process and offer homeowners different ways to use gravel, such as to line flower beds or make a statement around trees, walkways, and mailboxes. Aside from decorative gravel at LE-ED, you can also find quality topsoil, mulch, concrete sand, stone dust, rock salt, and base material for your project.

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Veneer Stone

Stone veneer is one of the most popular choices by homeowners and builders because it offers a unique alternative for adding style to the landscape. Stone veneer can be used on fireplaces, fire pits, water features, outdoor kitchen walls, retaining walls, steps, and other applications. We offer a stone veneer collection unrivaled in our region, providing products from the biggest names in the industry, including EP Henry, Boral, StoneCraft, Eldorado Stone, Pinnacle Stone, and Natural Stone Systems.

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