Building an Outdoor Fireplace? Get Materials for Your Masonry Project from Our Stone Supply in Manchester, NJ

Fireplaces enable homeowners to continue using their Manchester, NJ, outdoor areas despite the chill or setting sun. They tend to take their rightful place as the focal point of an outdoor room, creating an inviting zone of light and warmth. It is, therefore, important that the fireplace is impeccably designed and showcases a stunning selection of materials. Consider our comprehensive range of concrete and stone products for a fireplace that turns heads. 

Concrete wall units

LE-ED Concrete & Supply Co. supplies a stunning range of concrete pavers and wall units from Unilock. These concrete products are structurally reinforced and aesthetically enhanced by a variety of innovative techniques and technologies. Lineo Dimensional Stone, for example, may be the perfect candidate for a modern fireplace. These compact wall units have sleek edges and elegant, smooth surfaces. They are perfectly suited to geometric designs and can be incorporated into luxurious resort-like poolsides, or contemporary patios with zen-like flair. Lineo Dimensional Stone is available in a wide range of shades, and has the ability to complement an equally wide range of hardscape designs and color schemes.

Rivercrest Wall by Unilock is a more textured alternative to Lineo Dimensional Stone, and is equally suited to both modern and traditional, or rustic hardscapes. These wall units mimic the look and feel of stacked flagstone and are full of character and variation. Consider using these wall units to create tall, geometric fireplaces with a slightly unorthodox design to display their rusticity in conjunction with more current trends. 

Natural stone

Get Materials for Your Masonry Project from Our Stone Supply in Manchester, NJ

Natural stone is quarried from the earth, or collected in open fields, and is the product of centuries of gradual accumulation of minerals. It is, therefore, resistant to many of the environmental hazards that cause damage to other materials. While many other materials become less attractive over time and require regular maintenance, natural stone only looks better with time. Natural stone bears consistent color throughout its width. Therefore, any chips or scratches made to natural stone blend into the surrounding surface and become unnoticeable. Local natural stone is also an environmentally-conscious choice as it requires less energy spent on transportation. Natural stone is also an excellent candidate for fireplaces, as it doesn’t release any hazardous substances when burnt. 

Veneer stone

Veneering refers to the process of cladding a concrete, brick or wooden structure in a thin layer of natural stone. This has various benefits, including cost-effectiveness and simple installation, compared to stone masonry. LE-ED Concrete & Supply Co. offers high-quality products including EP Henry, Stone Craft, Eldorado Stone and Pinnacle Stone. You should ensure that the underlying structure is strong and resistant to the heat that the fireplace will produce before exploring veneer stone options. Veneer stone can be arranged in various patterns with different aesthetic implications. A ledgestone veneer, for example, consists of thin strips of stone that appear to be stacked. This veneer has a sophisticated appearance, while its staggered arrangement and slight variations in color and texture ensure that the stone still achieves its desired natural look. Ironically, the more sporadic the arrangement of veneer stones and the more organic and effortless the design appears, the more complicated the installation process becomes, however the aesthetic results are well worth the effort. 

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