Charming Natural Stone Features to Include in Your Landscape Design

The landscape of your Barnegat, NJ property is the calling card to passers-by and guests while also being the place where your family and friends enjoy the outdoors. Whether your landscape requires an entire redesign or a mere freshening up, a professional landscape designer can assist with a complementary plan that comprehensively considers every aspect. You’ll maximize both the curb appeal and the enjoyment of your outdoor space when you have a professionally designed landscape. Incorporating natural stone features is an effective way to add charm and depth to the aesthetic of your design.

Water Features

Adding water features to your landscape design might not be the most obvious choice. However, a fountain or waterfall around a pool adds multi-sensory appeal to your design. You’ll appreciate the relaxing sound and sight of flowing water as you lounge in your outdoor space. After all, movement contributes to visual interest which is one of the primary goals of any landscape design. Furthermore, water features tend to fit well within just about any type of landscape theme, and natural rock is the ideal material with which the feature can be constructed. The feature will fit within a modern, traditional, or rustic landscape plan.

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Retaining, Seat, or Low Walls

Landscaping walls have many functions. Retaining walls defend against erosion, providing protection from soil washing away when property is sloped. Seating walls provide exactly what the name suggests, a place for guests and family members to sit outdoors as well as a clear delineation of outdoor space. Finally, garden walls provide a border around the planting area, often with planting boxes atop the wall or raised plant beds contained by the wall. The stone color and shine generally highlight the beauty of greenery and sunlight throughout your landscaping space. Natural stone provides a high quality, durable, and aesthetically interesting wall material regardless of the exact type of outdoor wall being designed and constructed.

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Rock Designs

Rock sculpture is yet another charming addition to any landscape. Using natural rocks, creativity, and an expert approach, creating this type of landscape artistry is an ancient art. Employing a landscape design specialist to assist you with the creation and implementation of plans will ensure that the design is appropriate for your overall landscape design, durably constructed, and consistently high quality. With natural stone, your features will stand the test of time and add a remarkable charm to the aesthetic of the space.

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Natural Stone Patios

Natural stone doesn’t have to be limited to the creation of vertical elements. Natural stone pavers create remarkably beautiful patios, and even swimming pool decking. Sandstone, limestone, and bluestone all offer various shades, interesting textures, and convenient maintenance. Moreover, the impressive aesthetic is the height of all landscaping materials. The charm, class, and impressive nature of your landscape will be undeniable when you choose natural stone as your medium for construction.

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Steps, Stepping Stones and Walkways

Charming Natural Stone Features to Include in Your Landscape Design in Barnegat NJ

To link your outdoor spaces, steps, stepping stones and walkways are essential. All benefit from the texture and durability of natural stone. Natural stone slabs make excellent single unit solutions for creating steps, while natural stone blocks and stone coping can be used to create contrast. Stepping stones are a quaint alternative to solid walkways or for creating a path through less built up areas of a yard. These can be complemented with gravel, or left as separate stones for a traditional appearance.

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