Choose These Unilock Pavers for a Non-Slip Pool Deck in Point Pleasant, NJ

A swimming pool is the epitome of outdoor summer fun in Point Pleasant, NJ, and presents so many options for exercise, entertainment and relaxation. However, a cut knee or busted lip can instantly turn any backyard barbecue sour, making the safety of a poolside space top priority. Consider the following stunning Unilock pavers that will minimize slips and falls. 


These pavers can be acquired in large formats and are excellent candidates for theatrical pool decks that assume the center of their respective landscapes. Their unique color gradients also contribute towards creating a captivating paved surface, filled with alternating areas of dark and light colors. The Nuvola color variation transitions between different shades of grey while the Castano variation contains deep brown hues. Both variations pair equally well with the vibrant blue hues of pool water and the deep greens within any surrounding plant life. Alternatively, they can be obtained in small sizes and used to accent an expanse of more subtle pavers. These pavers are guaranteed to energize virtually any hardscape design.

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The non-slip quality of these pavers is not their only favored feature when it comes to the construction of pool decks and patios. These pavers are also imbued with EasyClean Stain Resistance from Unilock, which protects their surfaces from stains and allows them to be cleaned swiftly and easily. 


Choose These Unilock Pavers for a Non-Slip Pool Deck in Point Pleasant, NJ

Thornbury pavers have a luxurious flagstone surface texture that is not only therapeutic to bare feet, but will also prevent accidents. These pavers are also environmentally friendly, as they are compatible with permeable installation methods that will allow any rainwater or splashed water to return to the underlying ecosystem rather than accumulate on the surface of the pool deck. This will also prevent rainwater from running off into the pool, causing it to become muddied. These elegant pavers are also imbued with EnduraColor Facemix Technology, which protects them from the harmful effects of constant UV exposure and prevents the fading of their stunning surface colors. 

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Umbriano pavers are one of the go-to options for homeowners and contractors trying to create luxurious pool decks that emulate those of holiday resorts. The unique surface of Umbriano pavers mimic natural granite. These pavers have sleek, clean edges that fit snugly into modern hardscape designs. Their surfaces are also reliably non-slip and are perfectly suited to poolside applications. Consider the rich Harvest Brown variation for a poolside with warm contrast that will turn heads. 

Il Campo

Il Campo pavers bear incredible amounts of character due to the unique brushed lines etched across their surfaces. These moderately textured pavers provide plenty of protection against slips and falls, while helping to create the kind of backyard that dreams are made of. These pavers can be acquired in various sizes and arranged in seemingly random patterns for a spontaneous design that accentuates their nature. The deep Heritage Brown shade emulates the look of fertile soil and can give a poolside a natural appearance, especially when surrounded by plenty of plant life. A deep blue pool with rounded edges will complement the organic look and feel of these pavers. 


Richcliff pavers utilize Reala Surface Technology to emulate the look and feel of real flagstone. Their surface textures are cast from real stone pieces and are virtually indistinguishable from the real deal. Underneath their delicate exteriors, however, lies all the compressive strength of reinforced concrete. In fact, these pavers are four times as strong as poured concrete and will, therefore, be able to accommodate the constant foot traffic and environmental stressors that pool decks encounter. Their pleasing flagstone textures can also be relied upon to create a safe surface. 

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Image courtesy of Unilock. 

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