Choose Unilock Permeable Pavers for Eco-Friendly Driveways in Brick, NJ

Unilock permeable pavers have many advantages for Brick, NJ driveways. Not only do they aid drainage, lower the impact a hardscape surface has on the environment, and offer the durability needed for hardscapes like driveways, they also come in a range of stunning design styles. When it comes to deciding which are best for your permeable driveway projects, you can’t go wrong with Unilock permeable pavers. Here are just some of the many options to choose from:  


Choose Unilock Permeable Pavers for Eco-Friendly Driveways in Brick, NJ

This beautiful permeable paver is a design feature all on its own. As well as being visually pleasing, Eco-Optiloc features an “L” shaped design, ensuring that even the heaviest residential and commercial loads are no match for this paver. This paver is available in the custom finish options of Il Campo Finish, Standard Finish, Enduracolor Finish, and Series Finish.

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Eco-Priora is another Unilock permeable paver option that should be a priority when choosing permeable pavers for your driveway projects. Available in various colors, Eco-Priora is a classic brick-style paver. Rainwater drains quickly between the joints of this paver, achieved with a specially designed 7mm spacer bar. Like Eco-Optiloc, Eco-Priora is available in a number of custom finishes and is suitable for both residential and commercial applications.

Uni Eco-Stone

Uni Eco-Stone allows maximum drainage with its cut-away corners. This paver has a contemporary look, combined with cobblestone charm. Get this in the custom finishes of Il Campo Finish, Standard Finish, and Series Finish based on preferences and overall landscape design. Once again, these can be used for both residential and commercial projects in Brick, NJ.

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Town Hall

Town Hall pavers are modelled on timeworn brick street pavers and offer realistic character and highly detailed surfaces. Town Hall pavers are available in a wide range of colors, as well as two color blend options. These pavers are enhanced using a number of proprietary Unilock manufacturing technologies, including Reala Surface Technology for an authentic appearance, EnduraColor Facemix Technology for long last color and a hard-wearing surface, and Ultima Concrete Technology for incredible strength.


Another Unilock permeable paver option for an eco-friendly driveway with a difference is Turfstone. Depending on the drainage the project requires, these pavers can be filled with aggregates or grass. This design, and the durability and functionality that go along with it, make Turfstone a popular choice for driveways in environmentally sensitive areas, as well as other projects that include spillways, emergency access areas, and more. This paver is available in a Natural color option, which gives you free reign to consider other design options that will go well with this base.

Tribeca Cobble

For the look of imported granite street cobblestone, Tribeca Cobble is outstanding. Tribeca Cobble convincingly emulates the speckled surface of granite by incorporating an infusion of quartz, granite and other aggregates into its surface. Tribeca Cobble is available in the color options of Peppered Granite and Crystaline Basalt, both ideal for adding sophistication and functionality to a residential driveway project. This paver presents a number of size options, as well as a versatile Curb unit.  

Image courtesy of Unilock.

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