Consider These Stain and Fade Resistant Unilock Pavers for Outdoor Kitchens and Dining Areas in Holmdel, NJ

In a township such as Holmdel, NJ, beautiful weather calls for outdoor gatherings and weekend cookouts. For outdoor areas that are known to get messy, paving is a crucial step in decreasing future maintenance costs for your clients, as well as complementing the overall look of your design. Go with materials with the durability and practicality to back up their good looks. These Unilock pavers are some of the best available options for such a purpose, especially in areas that require regular cleaning and come in contact with foodstuffs. If you’re designing state-of-the-art outdoor kitchens and dining areas in this region, take a look at these stain  and fade resistant paving options as the perfect finishing touches:


Consider These Stain and Fade Resistant Unilock Pavers for Outdoor Kitchens and Dining Areas in Holmdel, NJ  

These high-tech pavers, are available in grey, copper and beige colored variants, in the form of Nuvola, Castano and Cremo, respectively. As well as being part of the EnduraColor Plus range, which ensures long-lasting color and depth, Senzo pavers are treated with EasyClean Stain Resistance technology, ensuring that they are integrally sealed against stains. This gives Senzo pavers the ability to resist stains caused by grease, oil, food and plant matter, and allows for easy cleanup after outdoor gatherings. Special features of Senzo pavers also include slip resistance and the strength necessary to be included as part of a residential driveway. 

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The alternating light and dark shades distributed across this paver’s surface ensure a patio with unique visual interest that borrows from a modern design aesthetic. With their 8” x 8” and 8” x 16” size options, Senzo pavers are a must-have for lovers of intricate laying patterns, smooth textures and varying tones. 


If your clients are looking to incorporate the charming look of granite in their outdoor kitchen or dining area, Umbriano is a paver that comes with some incredible benefits. The characteristic, mottled appearance of Umbriano pavers is created via a random dispersion of granite particles throughout their surfaces, giving Umbriano an authentic look and feel.  

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Once again, the EasyClean technology with which these pavers are equipped makes them a good choice for use in the messiest of outdoor kitchens, while EnduraColor Facemix technology ensures that Umbriano’s unique colors and tones are preserved. These excellent pavers from Unilock have a smooth yet non-slip finish, and can also be used in pool decks, patios, driveways, and commercial landscapes, as well as in domestic outdoor kitchens and dining areas.


Richcliff pavers are also part of the Unilock EnduraColor Plus range, featuring long-term color protection. With their ultra-realistic surface textures, crafted using Reala Surface Technology, these pavers offer the authentic, natural appearance of flagstone. The Dawn Mist and Smoke Shale color options are ideal bluestone substitutes, while the Pebble Taupe color option can be used to give the area a warm, earthy feel. 

Richcliff pavers are also extremely strong, ensuring minimal maintenance for the lifetime of the patio. This is achieved with Ultima Concrete technology, a Unilock patented technology that grants each paver up to four times the strength of poured concrete. This ensures that freeze/thaw cycles, heavy outdoor furniture, and the general wear and tear that is typical of outdoor kitchens and dining areas, poses no trouble for Richcliff pavers. 

Image courtesy of Unilock.

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