Contractors in Toms River Love these Natural Stone Products from Unilock

LE-ED Concrete & Supply Co. is a proud supplier of Premium Quality Natural Stone from Unilock, among a comprehensive selection of other natural stone products. Each natural stone from Unilock is guaranteed to bear excellent strength and water-resistance and, as a result, will withstand the worst freeze-thaw cycles. Their durability, along with their timeless beauty, make these stone products ideal for a wide variety of applications. Consider these trusted Unilock products for your next Toms River, NJ, landscaping project and leave your client with a more sophisticated property that has surged in value.


Contractors in Toms River, NJ, Love these Natural Stone Products from Unilock

Sandstone from Unilock is available in a number of colors including two warm shades called Autumn Harvest and Indian Coast. These variations bear pleasant earthy undertones. A crisp lawn, or tropical poolside surrounded by large-leafed plants, is all it takes to make their creamy undertones pop. Unilock Sandstone is also available in a range of cool greys that speak of sophistication and modernity. They can be obtained in smooth, polished pavers that have been precisely cut for convenient installation and a refined end product. The Prairie Rose shade of Sandstone is a bold alternative for homeowners seeking to personalize their hardscape and make it memorable. In addition to simplifying the installation process, Sandstone pavers from Unilock are easy to maintain and require little more than regular sweeping and the occasional rinse.

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Unilock Limestone comes in various shades of grey that are versatile enough to match a variety of aesthetics, from minimalism to bohemian themes. They are favorites for their compatibility with contemporary hardscapes, because of their sleek, smokey shades and subtle texture. The smokey Midnight Shadow shade, for example, can be paired with jointing material of a similar color, to merge individual stones into a single apparently seamless surface. Limestone tends to pair beautifully with vibrant flower beds, chartreuse shrubs, and colorful upholstery, as its lack of color creates dramatic contrasts. Limestone is guaranteed not to lose its deep, dark color as any scratches to its surface will reveal the same natural coloring all the way through. Therefore, chips and scratches slowly blend into the surrounding stone until they are no longer noticeable.

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Natural stone coping

In addition to paving patios and poolsides, natural stone can be used to create vertical elements, like retaining walls, that revive a flat landscape. These vertical elements also ensure that your natural stone underfoot does not seem out of place, and that the hardscape design is cohesive. Retaining walls built using natural stone can be topped with natural stone coping. Another way to enhance their natural look is by utilizing stones of different shapes and sizes for their construction. By acquiring coping with smooth finishes, you can allow your low walls to double as seat walls, ensuring that your clothes won’t catch on their surfaces and become ruined. Natural stone coping is also required to create elegant steps that can be framed by greenery or stone walls. For example, Black River Limestone coping will create a refined jet-black stairway with a majestic and professional appearance.

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