Create a Grand Entrance with Natural Stone Pillars and Walls in Lanoka Harbor, NJ

There is something quite beautiful about the texture and look of natural stone. When it’s used for masonry features, landscape projects in Lanoka Harbor, NJ, are immediately elevated to greatness, as quality products take center stage. Make the most of first impressions, and create a grand entrance with pillars and walls made of natural stone.

Landscape Materials That Complement

Entrances featuring natural stone pillars or walls stand out even more when they are merged with pavers made of similar material. Limestone is a remarkable natural stone paver to choose for the pathway that leads to the front entrance. Available in Winter Mist and Black River from Unilock, this can be a simple way to pair colors, brands, and material types for a cohesive front entrance. You can also consider pavers that have a natural stone appearance. Richcliff is one of these options, as its cast is derived from the surface textures of natural stone.

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Lighting Adds More

One of the perks of having walls and pillars or pillars combined with walls is that appropriate lighting can be added for jaw-dropping effects. While this would mainly be seen at night, it also provides another function for natural stone pillars and walls. They can act as beacons of light, so no one gets lost traversing the property. Consider downlighting under decorative natural stone pillar caps, or placing lighting under wall coping. Both options provide subtle but necessary lighting for a front yard that will appeal visually both up-close and from afar as visitors drive or walk toward the entrance.

A Few Things to Remember

 Create a Grand Entrance with Natural Stone Pillars and Walls in Lanoka Harbor, NJ  

As entrances should be at least 3 to 4 feet wide, which allows for enough room for two people to walk next to each other, you want to have beautiful highlights lining both sides. Maintenance is key for an overall landscape, of course, but it’s especially important within these first few steps.

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Consider lining pathways with intricate pavers that can be accented with natural stone or faux natural stone materials. Use protective driveway edging with EP Henry’s Olde Towne Cobble or Copthorne from Unilock, for edging that can’t help but stand out. You can also add softscape features to up the ante on this particular landscape design. Shrubs, small trees, and flowers can be used either separately or skillfully positioned together.

For night-time walkway use, install lighting that best complements the existing features so that there’s never a moment when guests can’t see the glory of the entrance. Choose options that won’t hit visitors with glare, or consider motion sensor options to lead the way forward. Top off all this grandeur with tall natural stone pillars heralding guests toward the front door. Taller natural stone pillars provide a striking balance of old-school charm, along with a classic modernity that won’t ever go out of style.  

All this landscape drama will make visitors even more excited to see the rest of the landscape area—backyard, outdoor living spaces, and so on, and they will be intrigued by what’s on the inside too.

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You’re in Good Hands

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