Create Interesting Paver Patterns with These Paving Stones in Point Pleasant, NJ

Whether a space is small or large, choosing a paving stone pattern can add character and individuality to a patio, driveway, walkway or pool deck. Interesting paver laying patterns add value to the home’s overall appearance in ways that are not overbearing, but create a subtle and compelling look. Here are some ways to create visually pleasing paver patterns with these paving stones in Point Pleasant, NJ.


A paving stone laid on the diagonal can draw attention to a specific area of a project, such as the fireplace. When placed in a diagonal laying pattern, contrasting with another pattern in the overall patio, the area is highlighted and defined as a separate “room”. With three colors to choose from, Cassova paving stones from Unilock are ideal for laying in a diagonal pattern. This weathered looking paver comes in Almond Grove, Granite and Sierra neutrals to complement any other material. Changing the jointing compound color can create an entirely different look for an added touch of visual flavor.


Create Interesting Paver Patterns with These Paving Stones in Point Pleasant, NJ

One of the most popular laying patterns, a random stone pattern can turn out uniquely for each project. With a preset pattern that is less obviously ordered, a random laying pattern results in a natural, less structured presentation. Medium-sized paver in multiple shape and size variations work best for this laying pattern. Unilock Beacon Hill Flagstone from Unilock for example is an excellent paver for achieving this unique patterning.


The herringbone pattern can frequently be seen in hardscapes that incorporate small rectangular pavers, but laid with large stones, a herringbone laying pattern can have a modern feel. Especially on a driveway, this pattern has can help increase the load-bearing capacity of the surface and help to add traction for cars as well. The time-worn Unilock Town Hall paving stone is reminiscent of early brick pavers - a classic look for any landscape. With six primary colors—Burgundy Red, Burnt Clay, Old Oak, Basalt, Heritage Red, and Heritage Clay— Town Hall pavers bring an authentic style to any project.

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Borders can be used to draw the eye to a paving pattern - a circular border to delineate a seating area, for example. Or, a border can lead the visitor on a visual path to the entryway. Borders can frame the patio or walkway like a work of art, as beautiful as the rest of the landscape. With limitless combinations of patterns and possibilities, borders are like the icing on the cake. They can be bold or subtle, depending on the look you want to achieve.

Arranging paving stones in geometric patterns and adding a contrasting border is a way to add visual interest to a landscape. Complementary plants, shrubs and trees can grab the eye to finish the outdoor picture.

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