Deciding Between the Copthorne, Courtstone, and Umbriano from Unilock in NJ

Copthorne, Courtstone, and Umbriano are three unique products with varying designs and features offered by Unilock in NJ. Each offers its own pleasing aesthetic, extreme durability, reliable structure and long lasting surface. Let's compare the three to determine which is most suitable for the desired look and feel of your landscaping project.


Copthorne is a brick style paver designed to replicate the aged brick pavers of old European cities. This paver is ideal for homes with a traditional or historical leaning, offering a warm, antique look and feel, and is an excellent complement to face-brick or natural stone facades.

Copthorne comes in three earthy red shades; Burgundy Red, Old Oak and Burnt Clay, as well as a combination of the three, and the dark Basalt shade. These can be mixed and matched to create a stand-out patio or walkway. For example, using Burgundy Red for the main area of your patio, and Basalt to create a bold border.

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Courtstone is also derived from Old European style, and is inspired by the look of weathered cobblestones. Courtstone can be used to construct patios and walkways, as well as in the creation of timeless driveways. A Courtstone driveway is a showpiece for your property and will impress guests before they even get out of their car.

Courtstone exhibits a smooth, worn surface and is cast from hundreds of molds created using actual aged cobblestone. This ensures a random, non repetitive surface that is sure to captivate and charm. Courtstone is available in a number of different colors and blends, ranging from a warm Pebble Taupe, a light grey Dawn Mist, to the deep charcoal of Basalt. Highly recommended is the Belgian Blue color option, a dark and intense finish that makes this a versatile choice to help create a driveway that draws the eye.

Deciding Between the Copthorne, Courtstone, and Umbriano from Unilock in NJ


For something a bit different consider Umbriano. This product has a modern appearance, in stark contrast to Courtstone and Copthorne’s antique look. If you’re looking for new-age sophistication for your property, then this the ideal choice for you.

Umbriano boasts an attractive granite-like aesthetic, and is in fact imbued with the natural color and sparkle of randomly dispersed granite particles that lend a noticeable authenticity to the product.

For a bold surface consider Umbriano’s Midnight Sky shade. Midnight Sky consists of a blend of light and deep charcoal, that lends a dramatic and noticeable appearance to any project. Also available in this range is the warm and welcoming Autumn Sunset that offers the vibrancy of orange granite, the sand colored Summer Wheat for a summer atmosphere and Winter Marvel for elegant white and charcoal shades.

Umbriano has a unique non-slip surface. This makes it ideal for a safe and attractive pool deck, easily navigable walkways that are frequently exposed to precipitation, or stunning driveways that provide ample traction.

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