Endless Material Selection at Your Local Lanoka Harbor, NJ, Landscape Supply Store

As spring and summer roll around, your landscape jobs will, hopefully, explode in number. When that crunch time hits in Lonoka Harbor, NJ, your landscape supply store has all of the materials you need to complete the job in one convenient location. We can make selecting supplies quick and painless—in fact, it’s quite enjoyable.

High-Quality Base Materials

The base materials are the foundation of a long-lasting, quality design, whether your focus is on hardscapes or softscapes. If you need concrete sand, topsoil in a range of grades, stone dust, mulch, or rock salt, the choices are endless. Among the over 30 different aggregates on site, we have decorative gravel and crushed and washed gravel. Whatever your gravel needs, we have it right here.

Natural Stone

Endless Material Selection at Your Local Lanoka Harbor, NJ, Landscape Supply Store

From natural stone materials to materials that closely resemble natural stone, you can find just what you need as you take on more cost-conscious jobs or jobs that require the highest quality materials, no matter what the expense. You will find also find permeable pavers for driveways and walkways, and material for any type of fire feature your client may desire.

The gorgeous bluestone that makes such distinctive patios and walkways, as well as flagstone, could be exactly what will set your next project apart from the rest. You may have found it difficult to locate slabs for steps, but those are here, too.

If your client wants to mix paving stones with gravel for a walkway or driveway, a wide variety of gravel sizes and colors can be found in one place.

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Outdoor Living

For outdoor kitchens, your local landscape supply has a wide selection of grills to complement any kitchen design. Our expert team can help you choose the right materials for a fireplace or fire pit to bring warmth and ambiance to your client’s landscape.

Outdoor lighting is an essential part of any landscape design, both to add beauty and to increase safety. We have spotlights, low-level lighting for walkways and driveways, lighting for patios, and wash lights for walls. With so many choices, you will have no trouble suggesting just the right lighting for your client’s landscape lighting project.

Should you and your client decide that artificial turf would make the most sense for the landscape project, we have Garden Mark Artificial Grass to supplement an area that does not support natural grass.

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The Right Tools

There is nothing more frustrating than finding a rhythm on the job, and having to take a tool break. It is a further hassle to have to go to several different places to locate the right tools for a job. Your local landscape supply store has paver edgers, blades, wheelbarrows, shovels—you name it and we have it. This easy access can ease the stress of preparation, and the frustration of being without what you need to do the high-quality job you are known for.

Design Guidance and Next Day Delivery

You can rest assured that experienced landscape supply experts can assist with detailed landscaping plans, materials, and supplies. And with next-day delivery to keep your project running smoothly, there is no reason not to use all of the resources at our landscape supply store.