Excellent Border and Accent Materials for Bluestone Patios in NJ

For the discerning landscape designer and contractor, bluestone is a favorite to make any Middletown, NJ, home’s patio look sophisticated and classy. With its subtle sheen and versatility in design, your bluestone patio design can be further enhanced with accents and borders, whether you want to create a complementing or contrasting look. Either way, the choice of the right materials can play a pivotal role in making any bluestone patio stand out. Here are four excellent choices to create borders and accents for your bluestone patio:


Excellent Border and Accent Materials for Bluestone Patios in Middletown, NJ

A favorite of most contractors, interlocking concrete pavers are coveted for their easy installation, lower cost compared to natural stone, and wide variety of design options. Concrete pavers are also highly durable and can stand up remarkably well to the rigors of daily life. Moreover, the wide design choices and color possibilities also make them the go-to option when creating accents and borders for your bluestone patio design.

Modern pavers feature highly compacted aggregate to make them much stronger, as well as resistant to fading even after decades of use. Moreover, advances in design technology means that you can mimic a variety of different materials such as granite, limestone, and cobblestone to create natural looking accents. This extensive choice in texture and hues alongside unmatched durability make pavers your foremost choice for borders and accents.

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Natural Stone

Using a different variety of natural stone for borders and accents is a great way to add an additional dimension into your design. You can consider using popular choices like limestone and sandstone that are easily sourced in earthy colors and conform to the overall soft outlook of natural stone. You also have the option of choosing granite to create a more contrasting look thanks to its beautiful speckled texture. Cobblestone is another popular choice that works very well as an accent or border due to its smaller dimensions and difference in shape. Regardless of the choice of natural stone you go with, it will create a conforming theme for the patio with quarried natural stone accents working well alongside the bluestone.

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Bricks are a natural complement to bluestone for a variety of reasons. For starters, their texture is markedly different from the generally smoother surface of processed natural stone. The rough softness of clay bricks really brings the solid texture of bluestone into prominence. Moreover, the sharp contrast in the naturally understated hues of bluestone with much more vivid red-brown clay color can make bricks a great way to highlight the different materials. Together, they accentuate each other’s texture as well as color to make any patio design truly stand out.


A far more unconventional choice, wood works really well with bluestone. It offers a similar warmth and softness to give a yard a conforming natural look. The difference in texture also accentuates the two materials, bringing out the cold softness of the bluestone and the warmth of the wood. With wood, you also have the option of a variety of colors ranging from lighter colored maple to the darker walnut for additional design versatility. It is an excellent choice for clients looking for a sophisticated, warm and modern look for their patio.

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