Front Yard Landscaping Ideas for 2018 in Manchester

One of the biggest reasons Manchester, NJ, homeowners pay attention to front yard landscaping is curb appeal - a huge contributor to resale value and personal pride. As a contractor, you can help your clients achieve classic elegance or contemporary minimalism with these stunning front yard design ideas:

Traditional Simplicity

Front Yard Landscaping Ideas for 2018 in Manchester, NJ

Traditionally themed front yards often incorporate gentle curves, regular shapes, and formal structures made of brick, stone, concrete pavers, and wood, enhanced with a balance of colors and unified patterns. Adding broad walkways that create symmetry from both sides of the yard is a great way to make a statement while maintaining a traditional aesthetic.

Regardless of whether the aim is adding elegance or simply refreshing the front yard, concrete pavers can provide the ideal material. Select a style of paver that adds to the landscape’s theme. Because of their distressed, time-worn appearance, brick or cobble-style pavers are popular materials for walkways with a traditional aesthetic.

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Add Dimension with Natural Stone Slab Steps

Solid natural stone slab steps make a great impression in both traditional and modern front yard design. Steps contribute to the home’s curb appeal, adding texture, detail, and visual weight to the design. Because of their heavy physical weight, stone slab steps are a permanent feature that can be expected to last for generations. Putting these pieces in place will require heavy lifting machinery, however, the job is easier than it sounds with the right equipment. To create an inviting effect, complement an impressive set of natural stone steps with lush greenery and fashionable lighting. The natural shapes of plants, along with soft lighting, will help to merge the staircase into the surrounding environment, giving it an organic appeal.

Bluestone Surfaces

Nothing is more inviting than a winding bluestone path that leads visitors to an idyllic home. Bluestone is a popular choice for walkways because of its refreshing cool and light colors. Bluestone is easy to install and is known for its durability. This material is not prone to scratching and can be laid in different patterns in order to produce a clean, almost formal aesthetic. Bluestone is typically quarried in the East Coast region, making it an economical natural stone option. Offer your clients the best of bluestone with the options available from LE-ED Concrete & Supply.

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Stone Veneer Accents

Stone veneer is a popular choice for homeowners that want a quick and stunning remodeling of their front yard. Stone veneer will transform the walls surrounding the home, regardless of whether a contemporary, rustic, or traditional style has been incorporated. Stone veneer brings out the natural beauty of wood and effortlessly matches the surrounding natural elements. It’s a durable, flexible material that comes in a variety of colors, textures, and shapes - great for bold-colored elements and neutral schemes alike. The material has its benefits for contractors too. Stone veneer is lightweight and is quick and easy to install. This means you can make a drastic improvement to a residence in a short amount of time - a great way to impress clients!

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