How Natural Stone Veneer Patterns Can Be Used to Create Beautiful Hardscape Designs in Lakewood, NJ

Stone veneer is a tremendously versatile material that can be used to achieve a great number of different looks and themes. Stone veneer is available in a huge range of different colors and textures, and to put your personal stamp on your Lakewood, NJ project, you can customize the pattern in which the stone pieces are placed. Here are some of the most popular stone veneer placement patterns that will give your hardscape design an added dimension of character:

Mosaic Pattern for a Playful Design

The mosaic pattern is used for crafting unique hardscape elements that are impossible to duplicate. With this pattern, you will notice that pieces of stone of all sorts of shapes and sizes are used to add uniqueness to the design. These are placed randomly in a way that ensures that the entire surface is covered, with as little space between the pieces as possible. The mosaic pattern can be applied to large projects to avoid monotony, or to smaller areas to add a strategic touch of character. This particular pattern can require some skill in executing, but the result is well worth the effort. Typically, the mosaic pattern is used in conjunction with irregular shaped pieces of flagstone or fieldstone veneer. This pattern can appear quite busy, but will add life to areas with subdued colors, or where more ordered paver laying patterns have been incorporated in the flooring.

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Random Rough-cut Square & Rectangle Pattern

Compared to the mosaic pattern which is all about creating a lively, complex appearance, the rough-cut square and rectangle pattern adds a more structured look to your hardscape elements, while maintaining a sense of rusticity. The combination of square and rectangle-shaped pieces remains spontaneous and can offer an organic appearance. This is a good balance between complete randomness and order, and is compatible with busier ground paver laying patterns. This pattern is often used to provide an old-world look and feel, as it mimics antiquated building techniques

Popular Ledgestone Pattern

How Natural Stone Veneer Patterns Can Be Used to Create Beautiful Hardscape Designs in Lakewood, NJ  

Ledgestone is the go-to pattern for homeowners who are looking to add a modern touch to their walls, fireplaces, or outdoor kitchens. The ledgestone pattern is similar to the rough-cut square and rectangle pattern, but offers a more horizontal emphasis. The strong horizontal emphasis of the ledgestone pattern is exactly what makes it a more contemporary look, however, it remains random enough to inject a certain degree of rustic charm into the space as well. Because of its varied appearance, this trendy pattern is a popular alternative for smaller projects which can be transformed into focal points using this placement pattern. 

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Coursed Ashlar Pattern for a Contemporary Edge

Like the ledgestone pattern, the coursed ashlar pattern offers a strong horizontal emphasis. However, unlike the ledgestone pattern, the coursed ashlar arrangement provides a more ordered appearance. With this pattern, each course is matched according to the height of the stone, with each course often representing a different height of stone. The strong horizontal lines and more ordered appearance make the coursed ashlar pattern particularly suited to modern landscape designs or homes with a minimalist theme. 

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