How Retaining Wall Blocks Would Benefit Your Brick, NJ, Landscape

Sometimes, the construction of a retaining wall is a necessity, but it could also be used as a wonderful focal point that breathes new life into otherwise unusable land—adding function, beauty, and value to your property. Here are some ways that retaining walls blocks would benefit your Brick, NJ, landscape.

Retaining Wall Benefits

How Retaining Wall Blocks Would Benefit Your Brick, NJ, Landscape

The installation of retaining walls presents the perfect opportunity to create a stunning outdoor living space. Retaining wall blocks that mimic the appearance of natural stone give your property curb appeal, match any architectural style and decorating preference, and help tie together various elements within the landscape.

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Manage Soil and Water

The primary use for retaining walls is to minimize runoff, erosion, and downslope soil movement to prevent damage to the property and the structures within it. This means the walls need to be positioned and installed correctly, because soil and water are not necessarily easy to redirect or contain.

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Add Visual Interest

A beautiful series of terraces brings texture and visual interest to your landscape. The terraces can be small and narrow, softened with plants—even serving as easily accessible places for edible gardens (what’s better than fresh herbs growing beside your outdoor kitchen?), and the elevation changes themselves can become a desired focal point.

Create Outdoor Living “Rooms”

Retaining walls in a patio setting define spaces and serve as a backdrop for special features such as a built-in waterfall, outdoor kitchen, or fireplace. A landscape is infinitely more interesting when specific-use areas are positioned at different elevations to, for example, take advantage of a view or create an intimate fire pit area.

Provide Overflow Seating

Low retaining walls provide overflow seating for large gatherings. Seating can also be built into taller walls, to provide seating without the clutter of additional outdoor furniture.

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Give Your Landscape Old-World Charm

You can give your property a distinctive Mediterranean look by using a series of retaining walls to create both narrow and wide terraced areas that are accented with a pergola and climbing vines.

Make a Small Space Feel Larger

A steeply sloped lot makes it hard to enjoy the great outdoors, and it effectively reduces the amount of usable space. This is especially obvious in a small lot. A series of retaining walls gives you more space for relaxing and entertaining—and the use of curved walls helps draw the eye to the walls themselves (as focal points) instead of to the size of the yard.

Establish a Well-Lit Space

Retaining walls present an opportunity to install low-voltage lighting without cluttering the landscape with freestanding light fixtures.

Retaining Wall Design and Materials

The design of your retaining wall depends primarily on the land, the primary function of the wall, and your intended use for the land. Depending on whether you want clean lines or a more natural feel, you can opt for curved or straight retaining walls. Choose retaining wall blocks that complement your home’s architectural style and tie together various elements of your landscape, including the home, patio, walkways, and steps. In the end, what could have been just a utilitarian necessity can become a delightfully functional and beautiful focal point in your landscape.