Ideal Landscaping Stones for Water Gardens in Holmdel, NJ

Water gardens are fun and beautiful additions to any landscape in Holmdel, NJ. But if they’re not built with long-lasting material, they can quickly become an eyesore. Landscaping stones add a refreshing texture, they make functional, eco-friendly pavers for garden paths, and could become an essential part of your next water project. Consider these options for landscaping stones before visiting our stone yard at Le-Ed Concrete & Supply Co., New Jersey's premier supplier of hardscape materials.


Perfect for ponds and waterfalls, the natural roughness of fieldstone creates water gardens that look like part of nature. For many homeowners, it is essential to blend hardscape features with the softscape, to achieve a nice balance. Fieldstone offers charming stones in different colors, textures, and shapes. Some fieldstone stones have a rocky texture and uneven edges, while others are ideal for water features because of their soft sides. This durable stone will create stable water feature walls, strong surrounding steps, and other backyard elements. Visit our stone yard to pick the right combination of fieldstone for your water garden project. We will help you find the right combination for building a dreamy water garden.

Steps and Slabs

Ideal Landscaping Stones for Water Gardens in Holmdel, NJ

Most commonly used for building steps, stone slabs are a fitting choices for making time-enduring water features. With stone slabs, the water feature you create will not only keep its original, weathered shape, texture, and color but impress with its durable, waterproof surface. Especially suitable for winter landscapes, these hardy materials serve the best of both worlds by offering a charming appearance and admirable durability.

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Gravel is made out of many different types of rocks from granite to limestone. Gravel is harder to clean than river rocks, so it’s not recommended to actually use in ponds. Gravel can be used instead around pavers, and bigger rocks and can replace the role of mulch.

Unilock Limestone and Sandstone

Limestone and sandstone are composed of layers of sand, shells, and other sediments. They are soft and quite porous. Even though they bring an excellent design appeal, if these stones are used in water features without proper sealer, they can become problematic. If the water freezes, limestone and sandstone could show cracks.

The quality and durability of natural stone for water features can vary from supplier to supplier. At Le-Ed Concrete, we offer premium natural stone from Unilock. Unilock’s limestone and sandstone are known for their low water absorption, excellent freeze-thaw durability, and flexural strength. Pave a pool patio or water fountain with Unilock natural stone without the fear of it getting worn down or broken because of the materials used. You can also incorporate the remarkably natural colors of sandstone into stepping stones.


Bluestone is a practical stone that comes in deep blue color as well as various greens, grays, and earthy browns, which is ideal for the environment around a water garden. This extremely durable stone can be separated into slabs, making it a stunning option for a one-of-a-kind laying pattern. Just as limestone and sandstone, if it’s regularly sealed and maintained, bluestone will last for decades. The nonslip, granular texture makes bluestone ideal for pool patios, steps, and as an accent stone for different applications around the water garden. Due to its irregular shaped pavers, bluestone would make a gorgeous addition to any rustic landscape theme.

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