Ideas for Incorporating Bluestone into your NJ Landscape Design

Bluestone is characterized by its light grey, blue, brown and sometimes green coloring and is well loved by Monmouth, NJ, homeowners. Bluestone integrates well with modern minimalist designs as well as with the traditional classic home, offering class, sophistication and a natural appeal.

Incorporating natural bluestone into your landscape is sure to give your design that “WOW” factor, with each bluestone paver exhibiting its own special character. Bluestone in patios, walls, and outdoor fire areas add simple modern design and functionality to any outdoor space.

Besides the aesthetic qualities, bluestone also offers durability and is resistant to New Jersey’s cold winters and freeze/thaw cycle. So in what kind of features can you use bluestone pavers to bring out the beauty of your backyard?

Walkways and Stairs

Ideas for Incorporating Bluestone into your Monmouth County NJ Landscape Design

A bluestone walkway or stairway leading to a patio adds an inviting elegance to your backyard. Bluestone walkways that wind through lush vegetation serve to complement and enhance the colors of the surrounding greenery and vice versa. The same applies to stairways that are flanked with retaining wall plant beds. These can be further highlighting by adding a red brick border to the walkway or banding to the retaining wall.


Bluestone patios are synonymous with elegance and sophistication and make lovely additions to NJ homes. This type of stone makes for a classic, formal backyard patio, and the muted hues of blue and green perfectly complement the surrounding greenery. This quality also makes bluestone an ideal building material for secluded patios tucked away in secret corners of a densely vegetated yard. When it comes to patio furniture, bluestone pairs well with stressed wood, wrought iron and ornate white metal furniture in a cottage style.

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Water Features

Water features surrounded by bluestone paving or constructed from bluestone slabs are also very beautiful and provide a centerpiece for your NJ landscape. You can stock small water ponds with Koi fish and create a perfect backyard retreat where you can relax to the sound of gurgling water.

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Outdoor Fireplaces

Need a warm and entertaining area for those summer evening? Consider an outdoor fireplace veneered with bluestone. Using bluestone as a veneer in this way adds visual interest and a unity with other bluestone features used in your landscape. Bluestone veneer is not limited to use for outdoor fireplaces either and can be applied to most vertical hardscape elements.

Low Walls and Retaining Walls

Low walls and retaining walls used to border areas of greenery also accent the natural coloring of bluestone. Place planting beds surrounded with bluestone walls around entertainment or pool areas for more texture and a seamless blending of hardscape and softscape areas. Bluestone can be incorporated into a wall design as a stacked slab or veneer, and can also be used as an effective coping for adding an attractive and functional finish to the wall. Because of bluestone’s aesthetic compatibility with brick, consider its use as coping for your brick landscape walls.

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