Ideas for Using Flagstone Paving Stones in Your NJ Landscape

Flagstone is an easy material to work with and can be used for a variety of landscaping projects in your Marlboro, NJ, outdoor spaces. Projects where flagstone can be used include patios, walls, seating areas, steps and walkways. Flagstone paving stones are available in a range of colors, thickness, and shapes. The colors are unique according to their original region and the palette varies from browns, golds and beige, to deep charcoals and blues.

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A patio is one project where flagstone truly shines. Its narrow joints can be filled with a permeable jointing compounding which allows water to permeate back into the ground below, reducing runoff and improving the drainage of your yard. Patios built with flagstone have a natural, organic look because of their earthy shades, the irregular shape of each paving stone, and the rich texture of flagstone. This texture and flagstone’s fine grain give flagstone patios a naturally slip-resistant surface, that is durable and lasts for many decades.

Flagstone Steps

The different levels of your landscape can be connected with stone steps made of flagstone. Mortar can be used to either stack the flagstone or create a flagstone veneer for a concrete staircase. In both cases the stairs need to be made with safety and durability in mind.

Attractive, Functional Retaining Wall

Your property may be on a slope requiring more distinct levels. Flagstone is an excellent choice for an attractive yet effective retaining wall. Once again the flagstone can be either stacked or used as a veneer. For pre-existing retaining walls, flagstone can be used as a durable and aesthetically pleasing coping, providing a distinct and dramatic appearance.

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A Stunning Fire Feature

Flagstone can be used to make a rustic natural-looking, custom designed fire pit or outdoor fireplace. Remember to lay the interior of the fire pit or fireplace with a material that is fireproof, however.

Beautiful, Durable Walkways and Paths

Ideas for Using Flagstone Paving Stones for Your Marlboro NJ Landscape

Flagstone walkways and paths are durable enough to withstand the wear and tear of foot traffic. Slabs used should be at least two inches thick. The path design can be narrow or wide, and can be arranged in a casual mosaic pattern or linear fashion.


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Flagstone Patio

A flagstone patio is a classic addition to a home. Flagstone pavers can be used, laid on a bed and the joints filled with gravel or jointing compound. While flagstone has a reputation for contributing to country or rustic themes, both formal and informal patios can be made using flagstones. Cut flagstone, laid in a repeating pattern, can create the structure necessary for a formal feel. For an informal look, irregular flagstones are used, and laid randomly. The irregular stones produce a more casual, organic appearance which can be further enhanced by filling the gaps between the stones with small stones, ground cover or gravel. This can make it difficult to slide furniture around because of the rough stone edges and the series of small joints, so wide, sturdy furniture works best for this design. Alternatively, permanent seating incorporating the flagstone look can be constructed.

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