Incorporating Stone Veneer to Your Swimming Pool Design in Toms River, NJ

Whether you’re doing a new install or upgrading an old pool, it can be a big expense for your Toms River, NJ, client. By opting for stone veneer over real stone for some features, you can create a beautiful landscape while staying within budget. Consider incorporating some of these fabulous stone veneer features to elevate your next swimming pool design.

Why Work with Stone Veneer?

Stone veneer offers the look of real stone, and to the untrained eye, it can be very difficult to tell it apart from the real thing. Although it is lighter than real stone, stone veneer is durable and weathers the elements well. And with proper installation, it provides a low maintenance and long-lasting option for upgrading a variety of landscape features.

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Because it is thinner and lighter than natural stone, stone veneer is extremely versatile and easier to work with in many cases. Installation is also less complicated and doesn’t require a stone mason. Available in a wide range of different styles and natural colors, stone veneer will complement almost any landscape design style.

Raised Hot Tub

Incorporating Stone Veneer to Your Swimming Pool Design in Toms River, NJ

A hot tub is one of the most popular options when looking to upgrade a yard with a pool. A hot tub creates a spa-like atmosphere and makes the pool area a destination for adults as well as older children. To finish the hot tub, consider a beautiful stone veneer that complements the landscape or surrounding pool decking.

Spill-over hot tubs look stunning and require less space and maintenance than a stand-alone hot tub. They are installed alongside an existing pool, often on a raised platform. But if your clients are looking for a hot tub they can enjoy year-round, a stand-alone tub may be a better option. Finishing both the hot tub and platform in a classic stone veneer will help the new features blend with existing, nearby masonry features.

Retaining Walls

A retaining wall is often the best solution for managing a property with a steep grade. Retaining walls around the pool can work double duty. They help increase privacy while also creating more level lounge space around the pool. After constructing a sound retaining wall, stone veneer can be applied to mimic the look of a solid stone wall. Veneer in the ledgestone pattern results in a rugged look that will give the retaining wall the appearance of natural stone.

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Water Features

Fountains, waterfalls, and waterspouts add an interesting focal point to a poolscape. They also create movement and add the soothing sound of flowing water, which can help mask neighborhood noises. Whether spilling from a hot tub, retaining wall, or a raised platform, sheer descent waterfalls are a popular, jaw-dropping feature with a stone backdrop.

The lightweight nature of stone veneer makes it an ideal choice for features not able to withstand the weight or bulk of natural stone. Steer homeowners toward a pattern and color that will blend well with their existing architecture and landscape features.

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Outdoor Kitchens

Outdoor kitchens are also a big draw when it comes to landscape upgrades, and a new kitchen could really finish off your homeowners’ poolscape oasis. It could turn the backyard pool into a complete outdoor entertaining area. Stone veneer is an option here as well; it offers a durable, heat-resistant finish that gives counters and grill islands and upscale look while resembling natural stone including bluestone, slate, limestone, and fieldstone.

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