Landscape Materials for Stunning Hardscapes in Barnegat

From sleek concrete pavers to rugged natural stones, there is a great variety of landscape materials with which you can shape your ideal outdoor space in Barnegat, NJ. Different materials have their niches and the visual impact they create pair best with certain hardscape designs. However, the most unique and captivating outdoor designs often use materials in unexpected and unconventional ways. When it comes to moulding a hardscape, the possibilities are endless! Here are a few natural and concrete products you might want to consider, as well as suggestions on how to use them.

Materials for Low Walls, Steps and Pillars

Landscape Materials for Stunning Hardscapes in Barnegat NJ

Low walls are essential for large patios as they enclose distinct areas and define them as separate outdoor rooms. In addition to organizing your patio design, they double as casual seating space. Retaining walls can be used to create neat steps or levels to reclaim an untamed slope, allowing these platforms to be utilized as planters for eye-catching flora.

LE-ED offers a diverse selection of concrete wall products with which to create durable walls that complement the rest of your hardscape design. Rivercrest Wall from Unilock, for example, emulates the look of stacked flagstone and bears a timeless elegance that suits both modern and rustic hardscape designs.

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Homeowners often opt to end their low walls in a short pillar. This gives the wall a ‘finished’ look, while the pillar can hold a light fixture for added evening appeal. Consider sleek Lineo Dimensional Stone or the more timeworn Estate Wall for the verticals within your landscape.

Veneer Stone

If you want the look of natural stone but aren’t prepared to rebuild your hardscape using natural materials, a stone veneer might be the ideal solution for you. Veneer stone is thin, light, and bears all the fade-resistant qualities of natural stone. Regardless of the state of the concrete beneath these natural stones, they will bring new life to your walls, pillars, and fire features.

Natural stone surfaces also come with a lot of aesthetic appeal. Their unique, luxurious and timeless surfaces are often unparalleled by concrete alternatives. Veneer stone enables you to achieve this look, and at a much lower cost than building entire structures from quarried stone.


This incredibly versatile stone is often the prime candidate for stacked stone structures and veneers. The stones are collected from open fields and are therefore available in a staggering array of colors, shapes and sizes. In fact, you will rarely find two stones that are the exact same color and many stones bear flecks of white where they have been struck by other rocks. The unique nature of fieldstone guarantees visually intriguing surfaces and will set your hardscape design apart from the humdrum.

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Limestone and Sandstone from Unilock

LE-ED keeps a stunning range of natural stone, some of which is sourced from Unilock. Limestone and sandstone are both quarried stones that bear great versatility in landscaping. Limestone from Unilock can be obtained in a range of subdued shades that pair well with modern hardscapes. Consider incorporating vibrant flowers or red brick around a cool, smoky limestone surface for a striking contrast.

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Image courtesy of Unilock.

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