Landscaping Ideas for Adding Warmth to your Toms River Backyard

A great backyard can expand a home’s living space and provide the perfect spot for quality time with family and friends. When the weather gets colder, it can be hard for homeowners to move indoors and let go of all that outdoor space. Help your clients lengthen their outdoor season by trying some of these ideas to add warmth to their Toms River, NJ, backyard.

Outdoor Heaters

To warm up the porch or outdoor patio, consider installing wall-mounted outdoor heaters. These heaters work great in any setting but are especially convenient if there isn’t a lot of ground space. They mount on existing walls and provide enough heat to warm an outdoor room on a chilly day. Installing wall heaters at chair height will ensure maximum warmth for seated guests. Adding hanging outdoor heaters to the pergola or covered patio will warm the area below without taking up any additional space. Incorporating heating under tables or countertops will keep guests warm during outdoor meals and extend the use of the outdoor kitchen.

Fire Pit

Landscaping Ideas for Adding Warmth to your Toms River, NJ, Backyard

A fire pit is a great spot to gather on cool evenings. Fire pits vary in size and style, providing a multitude of options that will complement your landscape design. A pre-formed stone bowl or concrete fire pit will compliment a modern landscape. A stone or masonry fire pit, on the other hand, will work in a natural backyard. Wood burning fire pits are most common, but gas fire pits are cleaner burning than wood and require less maintenance.


Installing a fireplace is one of the coziest ways to warm up a patio or outdoor living room. Stone masonry is versatile, durable, and heat resistant, making it the most common material for outdoor fireplace construction. Natural stone, brick or concrete wall units each provide a different aesthetic, allowing fireplace designs that work with any style backyard.

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Shelter from the Elements

When the weather turns nasty, being able to take shelter from the elements is key for homeowners to enjoying an outdoor space. Incorporating retaining walls to shield from the wind will make outdoor rooms more comfortable. If your client prefers a more natural look, thick evergreen hedges will also provide shelter while blending naturally with the landscape.

A covered patio or outdoor room will not only provide shade in the summer, but will give much needed shelter from the elements in colder weather. An outdoor kitchen or living room can be used year-round with a good cover and a source of heat.

Heated Patios and Walkways

Heat doesn’t have to come from above. Consider offering your client the option of having a heated patio or walkway installed to extend the length of their outdoor season. Not only will this add warmth, it will also help keep snow and ice from forming on traffic-prone areas. This can be an excellent option for driveways as well, ensuring that the homeowner has unlimited vehicular access to their home all year round.

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