Landscaping Ideas for Incorporating Artificial Turf into a Backyard in Colts Neck NJ

Artificial turf offers various exceptional qualities, including versatility, low maintenance requirements, and a brilliant green appearance all year round. For this reason, many people are turning to artificial lawns to spruce up their residential properties in Colts Neck, NJ. Here are a few exciting uses for artificial turf:

Energize a terrace or balcony

Terraces and balconies are ideal candidates for artificial turf. Transform a hot expanse of concrete into a lush area perfect for sunbathing. Homeowners with very little greenery in their backyard can create a small, private oasis using the vibrant color and texture of artificial turf. Using artificial turf to carpet a rooftop terrace or balcony can make it warmer, more inviting and pleasurable beneath bare feet. It also facilitates relaxation, and has a natural look and feel. Artificial turf is just as easy to maintain as concrete pavers and natural stone, because it doesn’t require watering or mowing.

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Improve recreational areas

Landscaping Ideas for Incorporating Artificial Turf into a Backyard in Colts Neck NJ

Artificial turf can be obtained in various lengths and colors, and is therefore ideal for creating patterns and designs. Consider creating life-sized game boards that facilitate tic-tac-toe and chess, for example. Creative spaces like these are perfect for kids to learn and play. You can also utilize artificial turf in the installation of small putting greens.

Create safe play spaces

When setting up a play area for your children, it is of utmost important that your ensure their safety. Artificial turf can help to cushion slips and falls, reducing the risk of serious injury. It is also easy to keep artificial turf free of debris, like rocks, that can cause kids to trip and fall. While most parents expect their children to sustain small injuries while playing outside, artificial turf will prevent broken bones and ensure that these injuries are restricted to scraped knees and bruises at most. Compared to natural grass, synthetic lawn is also more likely maintain its appearance after hours of rough play.  

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Create resilient pet runs

Every dog or puppy requires a large area in which to run and play comfortably. However, their digging can pull out patches of natural grass, while their urine can discolor the lawn. Artificial turf is more resilient than real grass and will be able to maintain a crisp look and feel despite frequent visits by dog or puppy. Pets won’t be able to dig through the synthetic blades and base of the artificial turf, and messes will be easier to clean up. Homeowners will also be able to keep muddy paw prints from infiltrating their home.

Neaten shady areas

Large, shady trees can interrupt the supply of sunshine that reaches plants beneath their cover. While real grass can become patchy and unsightly due to a lack of sun, installing artificial turf will enable homeowners to maintain a perfect patch of lawn beneath every tree. The synthetic material can be cut precisely to fit around tree trunks, and can be accented by adding a collection of small stones at the base of each tree.  

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