Looking for Base Materials for Your Lacey, NJ, Paver Installation Projects? Visit Our Landscape Supply Store

Longevity is one of the primary concerns for clients when it comes to paver installation projects in Lacey, NJ. A sagging driveway or patio can really damage a contractor’s reputation. This makes it extremely important to not cut corners when it comes to the quality of the base materials you use in your projects. Quality base materials, coupled with the right construction methodologies can ensure your paver installation projects last a lifetime. Visit our landscape supply store to cover all of your base material requirements.


The subgrade is the lowest layer of the of the installation and the native material on which you will build your base. The quality and characteristics of this layer are highly important as they determine the depth of excavation, as well as the height of the individual layers above. If the subgrade consists more of clay soil than granular soil, drainage might also be an issue and require you to excavate deeper to facilitate the infiltration of water into the soil. Before any of the layers can go over it, the subgrade needs to be compacted properly to provide a smooth, solid base. LE-ED Concrete & Supply Co. stocks all the tools you need to effectively work the subgrade of your project.

Compact Base

The compact base is the first layer that goes over the subgrade and usually consists of crushed rock or gravel. Crushed rock consists of coarse pieces of rock that can be compacted together well and provide a solid foundation to support the weight of the pavers. The size and shape is an important determinant of the quality of the material, as it affects how well this rock layer can be compacted. The weight of pedestrian and vehicular traffic is also an important consideration and can impact the amount of material you need for the compact base. Similarly, a thicker compact layer would be required if the underlying subgrade is soft soil.

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The gravel is generally laid out in multiple layers with more granular layers at the top and the coarse layers at the bottom. Compacting each layer thoroughly with a plate compactor is vital. The finer layers at the top help to flatten out the imperfections of the underlying coarser layers and give you a smooth base to lay your pavers on. See our landscape supply store for high-quality gravel and crushed rock.


Looking for Base Materials for Your Lacey, NJ, Paver Installation Projects? Visit Our Landscape Supply Store

Using geotextiles is fast becoming standard practice when working on paver installation projects. The composite mesh is laid out between the subgrade and compact base and helps to spread out the weight of the layers evenly across the soil. The specifications of your geogrid should match the size of the crushed rock aggregate to ensure that the individual pieces don’t slip through the mesh. Using a geogrid can greatly fortify your base, especially when the underlying subgrade is of poor quality for construction. A range of geogrid and geotextiles for various purposes is available from our store.

Bedding Sand

The bedding sand is the last of the base layers. This consists of a layer of coarse sand an inch or inch and a half thick, depending on your application. The bedding sand provides a stable, flat surface on which to lay the pavers. In addition, the bedding sand provides friction against the pavers to hold them in place. It is important to not use a plate compactor on this layer. Instead, smooth it out using a flat piece of wood as a screeding board.

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