Match a Home's Siding and Outdoor Fireplace with Stone Veneer in Berkeley Township, NJ

An outdoor fireplace is a great feature that would add comfort and practicality to an outdoor living space in Berkeley Township, NJ. This feature should blend in with the rest of the landscape and flow nicely with its many outdoor features. One of the best ways to tie in an outdoor fireplace is to match it to a home’s exterior using stone veneer.

Stone veneer can give a house the appearance of stone as an architectural element. It comes as thin pieces of real stone that are applied to the exterior siding of a house and can also be matched with other outdoor elements like an outdoor fireplace. This gives any property a look of continuity between a home and its outdoor features. There are several different products to choose from for providing a home with a different look.

Match a Home's Siding and Outdoor Fireplace with Stone Veneer in Berkeley Township, NJ

Seaside Haven

The Fieldstone Collection from Pinnacle Stone Products has a wide selection of stone veneer with a natural look perfect for your home project and outdoor fireplace. For the look of larger stones, Belmont is a good mix of larger, rectangular shaped stones. Brandywine is composed of much smaller stones, for a more textured look. Pinnacle Mica is a bit of a mix of both larger and smaller stones fitting together perfectly for a more historic stone look. The Ledgestone Collection features products that look like stacked stone, such as Iroquois, a mix of different size stones in a grayish-taupe palette. The Stream Stone Collection, as the name suggests, features a collection of stones that look like they were just handpicked from a local bubbling creek—the Coldwater Creek option could be perfect for a home in Berkeley Township.

A Modern look

If you’re looking for a more modern way to incorporate beautiful stone in a landscape, look no further than Boral’s Pro-Fit Terrain Ledgestone. This product features clean lines with evenly cut pieces that leave any project looking consistent and professional. With contemporary colors like snow-white Arctic or a deep gray like Trek, this product is a fabulous accent to give any project a high-end feel. If you want to keep the clean cut look but also want it to be a bit more natural, Pro-Fit Alpine Ledgestone provides slightly more texture and size to bring nature and modernity together beautifully.

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Classic Beauty

For the timeless look of stone, you may find that EP Henry Cast Veneer Stone is unbeatable. This product is a perfect choice for a classic stone look, as if the house and outdoor fireplace were built by hand from nature’s raw materials. This product could be the best choice for beautifully complementing a roaring fire with its incredibly warm, cozy feel. The wide variety of colors means you can match any house or landscape to a color scheme that will blend together and fit nicely against this region’s natural beauty. For a light, earthy feel, choose Champagne, or if you want a truer stone feel, go with Adirondack. To add more color, Breckenridge is a defined mixture of coppers, taupes, and grays that contrasts yet meshes.

It’s fully possible to create an outdoor haven that matches a home’s exterior. Stone veneer is one of the latest trends for home exteriors and landscape style that make it possible.

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