Retaining Wall Blocks: The Different Shapes and Sizes and How to Choose the Right Type for Your Hardscape Project in Monmouth County, NJ

Choosing just the right retaining wall blocks can be a particular challenge for Monmouth County, NJ, homeowners. You can help by explaining that a retaining wall must not only hold back the earth behind it in a stable fashion but also deliver erosion control for water run-off. Since most property owners are especially interested in the aesthetics of a retaining wall, here are some great choices that can be both well-built and pleasing to the eye.

Large and Rugged

Large, rectangular stones lend a weighty feel to a retaining wall. This can be the perfect choice for a very steep hill that drops off sharply. This retaining wall block choice can require some planning as it may require special equipment for delivery and installation. Also keep in mind that any wall over 4 feet usually needs to be evaluated by a licensed engineer for structural integrity.

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Multiple Sizes and Shapes

Most any retaining wall can benefit from the use of multi-sized stones, with a mix of some that are square and others that are rectangular shaped. This creates interest as no two stones look exactly alike, or are positioned side by side. The multi-sized stones result in a uniform look overall, while providing erosion control for the homeowner.

Flat and Stacked

A flat, stacked stone is the one most often associated with a traditional retaining wall. Whether it is a large, flat stone or a thin, flat stone, the end product of a stacked look works in most any landscape and architectural style.

Uniform Blocks

A uniform block can create a very sleek, modern finish or a clean, traditional look, depending on the block size and color. This can be the block to use when the retaining wall must curve to follow the geography. Uniform blocks deliver a nice background for other landscape focal points, such as plantings and flowers, low lighting, and outdoor patio areas.

Wall Block Colors

Retaining Wall Blocks: The Different Shapes and Sizes and How to Choose the Right Type for Your Hardscape Project in Monmouth County, NJ

There is no shortage of colors for retaining wall blocks today. Gray blocks complement a home’s dark exterior, while an almost white rock brings a contemporary feel that works with the straight lines of modern architecture. Retaining wall blocks can be red like bricks or take on multi-earth tones that blend with both the natural environment and the home’s outside finishes. Mixing colors and types of stones to design a contrasting band or topper for a wall is a wonderful way to craft something unique to your landscape.

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Point out that a retaining wall not only solves a landscape problem like a steep slope that renders part of the yard unusable, but it can also deliver noticeable landscape benefits. A retaining wall can open up space for a patio or outdoor room to increase entertaining possibilities. It can supply additional planting space for a garden or flowering shrubs to make anyone smile as they gaze upon the yard. The wall can increase privacy and furnish a sound barrier to road noise.

Sometimes the best way to assist Monmouth County, NJ, homeowners with choosing retaining wall blocks among all of the shapes and sizes is to encourage them to look for walls that they find attractive. For inspiration, they can make a point of spotting retaining walls in shopping centers, neighborhoods, and most anywhere.

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