Save Money and Time: Working with a Reputable Dealer

A reputable dealer of landscaping products is the first and last stop you’ll need to make for building materials, design and tools. Over the course of years in the industry, LE-ED Concrete has built its reputation as a trusted supplier and forged relationship with clients and contractors alike. Here you’ll find the top quality products you’re looking for, but more importantly, save time and money by reaping the benefits of the following:

Higher value products at a lower cost

Save Money and Time: Working with a Reputable Dealer (NJ)

As a supplier of bulk materials, rest assured you’ll find the highest value products available at LE-ED Concrete for the lowest cost. Our massive supply yard and stalwart market presence ensures that we can deliver the lowest prices to our valued customers. Above and beyond that, this ensures that you don’t need to settle for subpar products in order to meet the requirements of your budget.

Finding everything you need under one roof

The benefits of a huge supply yard (over 10,000-square feet of supplies and materials) extend to providing you with everything you might need in a single stop. This enormous storage capacity limits the hassle of finding that the product you’re looking for is out of stock and offers you the convenience of reducing your transport expenses and time seeking a supplier that stocks what you’re looking for.

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Getting the right product the first time round

Our staff of experienced professionals is available to answer any questions you may have and guide you in selecting the right materials for your project and property. You’ll also be able to see and feel the material first hand to ensure that it matches the vision you have for your landscape. This saves time and prevents those inconvenient returns of the wrong tool or material for the job.

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Testing your design in 3D

As well as offering expert opinion and advice, we also offer professional 3D landscape design services allowing you to see your landscape as a virtual construction before the project begins. This can help smooth out the details of color selection, texturing, lighting and overall layout before shovel breaks ground, giving you the opportunity of fully personalizing and experiencing your new outdoor space.

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Saving with next day delivery

As a contractor or homeowner, transporting heavy materials can be a costly exercise, involving truck, equipment and labor rental, logistical planning, and time that would be better spent materializing your landscape project. That’s why we offer next day delivery on most of our products, ensuring that the materials are ready for you on-site at your earliest convenience.

Trusted warranties to save you money

A reputable dealer stands behinds their products with full confidence. As such, we offer trusted warranties to reduce your expenses and resolve the hassle incurred by factory default. A warranty ensures that unexpected failure of the product will not result in additional expenses on building materials to replace products that are faulty. This means that you can rest assured that your landscape construction can quickly return to its intended glory.