Selecting Landscaping Stones for Your Stepping Stone Walkway Project in Manalapan, NJ

A stepping stone walkway could be more than just a path from one place to another—it can delight the senses and the beauty of its landscaping stones can grab the attention of each passerby. The stones should be big enough to step on safely and far enough apart to make passing over them easy. A stepping stone walkway should blend well with the landscape and complement the architecture and exterior colors of any home you work on in Manalapan, NJ. Here are some tips for helping your clients select the best stepping stones for a walkway.

Paving Stones and Gravel

This type of walkway can suit most any home as there are so many combinations to offer. A classic home would look beautiful with slate or flagstones nestled with a lighter colored small gravel. Use paving stones or bricks to provide a definite bordered edge to keep the gravel looking neat.

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Selecting Landscaping Stones for Your Stepping Stone Walkway Project in Manalapan, NJ

A more modern home could have rectangular or square stepping stones, which lend a geometric appearance, sitting atop dark gravel for visual contrast. Or a dark, almost black, stepping stone would create eye-catching drama among a very light, almost white pea gravel. Bordered with wood to add textural interest, this stepping stone walkway could continue the contemporary aesthetic.

Stepping Stones and Grass

Many homeowners love the appearance of stepping stones spaced far apart and divided by lush grass. Square stones set on the diagonal can create a pattern that has the look of plaid, an unusual and appealing walkway option. Another type of walkway could feature very large irregularly shaped stones divided by herb plants with tiny leaves. Every time guests walk the path, the delightful smell of thyme or rosemary drifts up.

Oversized rectangular or square stones provide an uninterrupted sight path, while guiding walkers from one part of the yard to the next. Multi-sized circular stepping stones are another contemporary, whimsical stone choice.

Stepping Stones and Hills

A yard with a gradual hill can use thicker, more weighty stones to form a path of steps. These must be sturdy enough to support the weight of a person without the risk of shifting or tilting. Many times it is wise to surround this stepping stone with mulch, pine needles, and plants native to the climate to maintain a natural presentation.

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Gravel, Grass, and Borders

A key component to a successful stepping stone pathway is gravel. Large gravel can be used, but smaller gravel provides a neater overall look and is easier to spread. Neatly trimmed grass is a wonderful way to space the stones, as are small spreading herbs or delicate groundcover. Show your homeowner how a border does two things—it keeps the gravel from dispersing into the yard, and it gives the walkway a clean appearance with clear edges.

Lighting and Water Features

Highlight to your clients the benefits of adding low lighting to a stepping stone walkway. Not only can it add a measure of security when walking at night, but the illuminated path is beautiful. For an unexpected surprise, a bubbling water fountain or rain fountain can increase the pleasure of the stone walkway as the soothing sound of water beckons guests.

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