Stunning Alternatives for Natural Stone Patios and Walkways in Middletown, NJ

When it comes to the structures and masonry features of Middletown, NJ landscape designs, you’re not limited to natural stone. This goes for patios and walkways too, which while fantastic in this material, can be equally pleasing using quality alternatives. Enjoy these stunning alternatives for natural stone patios and walkways for your hardscape projects:

Porcelain for Patios

Porcelain tiles are a popular choice for patios as they offer a vast selection that can match any style or taste. Non-slip options with a matte finish are great for outdoor use, and you can ask our experts to show you those that have an R grade of 10 or 11 for best results. More importantly, porcelain tiles outdo their ceramic counterparts with regard to maintenance and functionality, as they are remarkably stain-resistant - stalwarts against weather - and don’t discolor or fade with passing time.

Variety with Concrete Pavers

LE-ED Concrete & Supply Co. stocks a huge selection of concrete pavers for patios and walkways in Middletown, NJ, with paver collections in a variety of sizes and colors to match all aesthetic tastes, and materials from leading national and international suppliers, such as Unilock. So why should you consider concrete pavers for your project? Durability is one of the first major benefits of concrete pavers that cannot be understated. Both patios and walkways can be subject to heavy foot traffic, especially if they lead to or from main points of entry. This makes using long-lasting materials very important. Concrete pavers offer this and more, leaving you with the look you want, and the benefit of low maintenance. Concrete pavers from manufacturers like Unilock ensure patios and walkways that will stand the test of time.

Paver Lines will Blow you Away

Bluestone, sandstone, limestone, and other natural stone varieties make for truly amazing hardscapes. And while we stock them all at LE-ED Concrete & Supply Co., our vast selection of pavers is waiting for you too.

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If the patio in question is going to be used as an entertainment spot where food and beverages will be served and enjoyed, pavers that are resistant to staining can be a valuable asset.

Stunning Alternatives for Natural Stone Patios and Walkways in Middletown, NJ  

Umbriano pavers from Unilock, for example, feature EasyClean Stain Resistance Technology, making it an excellent choice for this sort of patio. Umbriano pavers boast the feel and natural look of granite, and are featured in colors including Winter Marvel, and Summer Wheat.

For long-term color, Unilock Series pavers are ideal. These pavers, too, offer the modern look of granite and feature highly fade-resistant surfaces. This paver is non-slip, and made up of quartz and granite particles, as well as other high performance aggregates.

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You can choose to use one color for your project, or ask a LE-ED expert for help choosing borders that complement the style and look you’re going for.  For walkways, Unilock Copthorne pavers in Burgundy Red with a Black Sand jointing compound, as an example, creates a complete and elegant look for a walkway design. Couple that with a delightful pattern and this hardscape element is ready to impress.

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