Stunning Driveway Pavers from our Trusted Partner in Berkeley Township

The quality of materials is key to successful construction of hardscapes. We offer superior driveway pavers from Unilock, a trusted partner in Berkeley Township, NJ, because we prioritize satisfaction as a direct result of quality. Unilock offers remarkable pavers with an enduring level of quality and a diverse range of aesthetic options regarding style, size, and color.

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Umbriano by Unilock

Stunning Driveway Pavers from our Trusted Partner in Berkeley Township, NJ

For an anti-slip deck or patio that is easily cleaned and maintained, Umbriano provides a look inspired by granite for a high-end feel that is highly functional and long lasting. In fact, a random infusion of granite particles across the surface of this paver is what gives it its realistic and attractive random appearance. Various sized pieces make it possible to design a unique patio, driveway, or walkway, and the shades available encourage this flexibility as well. Midnight Sky, Summer Wheat, Winter Marvel, and Autumn Sunset (special order) are the available color options, which can be combined together to create an impressive and functional driveway feature.

Artline by Unilock

For adding a modern feel to your driveway, look to the linear aesthetics provided by the Artline series from Unilock. Varying degrees of grey and contrast mark each color option, which include Winter Marvel, Steel Mountain, Tuscany, French Grey, or a blend of two colors on site. With several differently sized pieces, all of which offer the benefits of length, a driveway with a contemporary look and feel is easily achieved.

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Camelot by Unilock

This Unilock offering has the natural feel of cobblestone but with a modern difference. Camelot comes in rectangular or square units, both of which have rounded edges and a slightly larger format than you’d expect from typical cobblestone. The shades offered; Almond Grove, Granite, Rustic Red, Sierra, and Terra Cotta, inspire a natural feel, complementing any architectural or period theme that you might choose.

Cassova by Unilock

Deceptively simple, Cassova provides the elegance and uniformity of brick with the worn edges and weathered texture of natural stone. The aesthetic lends credibility to a natural or aged look, and the colors offered help gain this authenticity. Almond Grove, Granite, and Sierra all speak to a natural, strong, and historic look. The unexpectedness of composing a drive with a natural rock appearance such as this makes it a statement in any neighborhood, while the uniform nature of the series makes it easy to install in any kind of laying pattern the design plan might require.

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Senzo by Unilock

Another modern option, Senzo relies more on contrast and right angles than length considering it includes square pieces. Within each piece, however, some level of contrast exists ranging from a high degree of contrast with the Nuvolo option to a softer contrast in Cremo and a midway choice in Castano, all of which are available by special order. Even if this option doesn’t appeal as the body of a drive’s construction, it works well as an accent or border option.

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Image courtesy of Unilock.

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